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Chapter 1: Who am I?
(by dawn, added on 16 December 2009 09:31 PM)

The first thing I herd as I opened my eyes was the sound of heavy feet comming up the stairs. I rooled over faceing the wall and closed my eyes. A few secounds later, my door was thrown open and mymom walked in.
"Talya! Its time to get up its after seven and your saposed to be early this morning."
I shifted slitly and squeezed my eyes titly shut. Mom wasn't having it.
Talya! Get up now!"
I slowly gut up and slamed my bedroom door. I was 18 years old and she treated me like I was 3.
Sighing, I got dressed and then walked the three blocks to school.
When I walked in to the band room, Shelbie was waiting for me as always.
"Talya, you will never gess what happened. Jeff is going out withLoren again."
"You have got to be kidding. after what she did to him?"
"Don't yell at me Tie, I'm just telling you what I heard."
I sighed and then jumped as the bell rang over head. Mrs. Stillwel walked in to the room and class got started.
The flutes were sharp as always and it started to make my head hurt.
Jeff and Loren were the talk of the music kids. It was well known that Loren wasn't the most loyal, but she had some crazy good looks and was mega talented.
Whair Jeff on the other hand was the envy of all boys in the school and had the voice of an angel. I sighed as I thought of him with loren. Who was I to think I could compeat with her. She was every thing I wasn't She was 5 feet with long golden brown hair almost black and chocolate brown eyes. She was slim as a rail on top of it. There was know way I could beat that.
I was 5:5 with then blondhair and eyes of three different collors. I could sing and played both flute and violine but I wnever be as good as her.

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