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Chapter 3: arna
(by Dawn, added on 29 April 2011 01:00 AM)

really i sighed. does eery one have to tell me about the bad news in one day? laughing arna sied its not my fault that he is a bitch who likes hores. i wenced don't call laruen a hore or jeff a bitch. why not? its true. no its not. why do you like him? is it because he is from a good family and i am not? do you like him because he is smart and good with eery thing? you are just as smart as he is arna and don't forget it. why won't you pay attention to me then? i hae liked you sence the begaining of the year and the only thing i get is complamented and then laughed at. I don't laugh at you. kno but other people do. its just not fair. i'm sory.

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