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Chapter 1: Sarah
(by Jay, added on 16 December 2009 05:22 AM)

The restaurant was packed with the dinner crowd. Music played silverwear clinked and Alex could not feel more out of place with all the chearfulness of it all. He watched Sarah move from table to table surving guests. Sarah, the source of his misery, with her easy smile and infectious charm woke him plenty of mornings drenched in sweat from the dreams he had of her night after agonizing night. He asked her on numerous ocasions to be his but she had refused letting him know that she desired no one as she focussed on her education and career. This chocolate skinned beauty with full lips which begged to be kissed, long ebony hair needing tender strokes, pirt ample breasts, and curvacious buxom figure that yearned to be made love to. This desireable creature, desired no one, and the casual way with which she spoke to him, as if they were old friends drove him just about mad. She knew very well how he felt and decided on being civil to not hurt him. Oh but if she only realized that every day he saw her, heard her soft voice wore at his resolve, a bit at a time. That was when he had made up his mind to have her at last, no matter the consequense. At home he came across an internet add stating, "Want you and she to be together forever? Call Madam Angelique to fix all love worries. 555-555-love."

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