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Chapter 1: The 16th Birthday
(by Jake, added on 10 October 2009 04:49 AM)

... Fourteen roses, fifteen roses, six...teen... roses. THERE! That's how old I am - or should I really say "old"...? Sixteen years! Young, in the eyes of my parents and all, and compared to many people I know but still - drawing sixteen roses does kind of make you think, doesn't it?

Oh, it's not just about the roses, not at all but as it happened, roses were the first thing that came to mind - I've told you how strang... er... DIFFERENT I am, haven't I? No? Well, here goes.

Lads my age talk about rock music, computer games and things, you probably know better than I do. I'm just not one of them, I'm just... me! I’m a GOOD boy - a BORING boy - I don’t smoke, drink, or stay out late. I’d rather stay at home, listening to music, reading a good book or something. I like beautiful things, cute things, CUDDLY things, romantic things - classical music, Christmas carols, boy sopranos who sing like angels, little children playing and laughing in the park, puppies, kittens, flowers, reading and writing poems from sunset to sunrise, painting with bright colours, Liam... I love the sea, lakes, parks and forests, I could walk for hours or just sit quietly and watch the sea, thinking about anything and everything…

So, you see what I mean? I am different, but I don’t think it's a bad thing. I still have friends and my siblings and even my parents and grandparents still talk to me so I can't be all THAT bad...

Oh, is that the time? I have to go, I'll be late...

What a day! I'm so tired... It was just another day at school, nothing special - but now that I think about it, I have been rather tired recently, more than I've been before. So, does this mean I'm really getting old? Oh, it's probably nothing worse than laziness! And anyway, it's FRIDAY and the lads are coming in a few hours, I have lots of things to do so could I just stop complaining or something?!

Er… what am I supposed to do first? Where is everyone when I need HELP? Sometimes it's so hard to believe I actually have five brothers and two sisters... Well, they do have their own hobbies and friends and things, can't really blame them but a bit of help would have been nice, after all it is my birthday today… They will probably show up later with our friends.

The lads came to our house, we talked, watched films, ate pizza, crisps and popcorn. It wasn‘t a party as such, just spending time with mates. I was a bit worried as a few lads brought alcohol, none of the lads had said a word but since nothing happened, my brothers and I decided that it’s best not to say a word to our parents. We don’t have any secrets as such in our family but as almost everyone was 18 or older anyway, we decided it’s easier not to say anything. And anyway, I think I was the only one who was worried! As I watched my brothers and my friends - OUR friends - I felt so good, I realised this was just the beginning for me, things could only get better. I do wish I could feel like that again!

We stayed up really late but I didn’t mind, we had fun. Isn’t it just amazing what you could end up talking about! I never knew other lads could feel and think so deeply… I sometimes used to wonder if I was the only bloke in the whole world who could actually FEEL something… How silly could I be?

The lads fell asleep one by one. I think it was half past five or so as I slipped out into the garden with my brother Tuomas and our friends Esa and Kalle. We’d had some kind of an inner circle for some time now, I think it was ever since Kalle told us how scared he was to go home and he shared some of his secrets with us, I think we then learned we could trust each other and that we got along very well.

We just sat there in our garden for quite a while, talking about the future, our plans, hopes and fears - but none of us had any idea what was going to happen. We were just happy young lads with the best things in front of us. That night we felt we could be like that forever.

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