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Chapter 2: what "really" happened
(by Tim, added on 23 September 2009 03:23 AM)

It isn't what anyone would call the perfect alibi. I live alone, being that I am only a university student. There is only my apartment building records to testify that I didn't leave, but those aren't too helpful because anyone could have forged my signature (or so says the police). We only have one witness that says I was there, the building superintendant. I went to my apartment, watched a crime thriller on TV, (the police say it's my apetite for crime thrillers and mystery shows that led me to write the confession in the victim's blood), but that isn't true. Who doesn't like a good crime show? I then proceeded to dress in my bathrobe and go to sleep alone, just like I do every night. Nothing special happened, nothing significant. Why would anyone want to frame me? I work in a civil coffee shop, where we all get along well and cooperate. I have no enemies, and am on good terms with my whole family. well i know one thing, they won't get me to talk trick me into saying these things. I saw a movie once where a man admitted something that was untrue to the police just because they kept him in a cell for a week over it, but they won't get me.

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