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Chapter 2: Man on the inside
(by keagan, added on 28 July 2009 09:10 PM)

The tech Mr.Mckomputr was not known at this time as a bad man, he was actually one of the best techies our office has seen in quite a while. I always had a bad feeling about him, he just always rubbed me the wrong way. As soon as i spoke with him i knew he was in on this evil Dr. Oculus plan. He was the person i could seek information from. At the end of our conversation Mckomputr hooked me up with all the latest FBI gear so that i could be prepared to fully take on this mission. The first and my foremost favorite tool was my brand new high feedback, lightweight, camoflaged, cane with a built in voice recorder and secret compartments for items. This was my favorite weapon.

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