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Chapter 1: the sightless spy
(by Tim, added on 28 July 2009 03:17 PM)

I was sitting at my desk with my cup of coffee, my cane tucked under my chair, not looking forward to the long day of paperwork with my computer and its screenreader. I was trying to postpone work as long as possible, I mean I like my job at the FBI, I just wish it was a bit more exciting is all. I want a mission for a change. I know I am new but I have a feeling that they're not giving me missions because I am blind. Suddenly I hear an announcement to go to the breefing room. I tap my cane there as fast as I can. The big boss Mr. Newsby says to me "Bill Clearsight, I have a mission for you that is special to your skills." I eagerly asked what it was. He said, "The evil Dr. Oculus is planning to make the whole world blind through some chemicals his lab is developing." "Oculus, blindness, oculus probably something to do with optical, I imagine," i thought. The director continued "Your mission is to first find out as much as you can about his shadow organization, then find and destroy these chemicals, then arrest as many of the henchmen as you can. Is this understood?" "Yes sir." "Go see the tech guy Mr. Mc'komputr."

Chapter 2: Man on the inside
(by keagan, added on 28 July 2009 09:10 PM)

The tech Mr.Mckomputr was not known at this time as a bad man, he was actually one of the best techies our office has seen in quite a while. I always had a bad feeling about him, he just always rubbed me the wrong way. As soon as i spoke with him i knew he was in on this evil Dr. Oculus plan. He was the person i could seek information from. At the end of our conversation Mckomputr hooked me up with all the latest FBI gear so that i could be prepared to fully take on this mission. The first and my foremost favorite tool was my brand new high feedback, lightweight, camoflaged, cane with a built in voice recorder and secret compartments for items. This was my favorite weapon.

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