Always I Love You

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Chapter 1: The Text
(by Gloria, added on 20 July 2009 08:26 PM)

The day had seem to drag on forever. I was bored at work typing in data entry, waiting for time to slimply fly by. I would look at the clock in hopes that the time would pass by. But it seemed to stay in the same spot forever now. Mocking me. But finally the phone rang and in which added some spark into my life.
I answered, "Environmental Health. This is Gloria."
"Yes. May I please speak with someone in regards to abandoning a spetic tank?" A rough voice asked.
"Yes. Please hold." I searched for an inspector to send it to when I noticed my phone had started to vibrate. I quickly scanned the phone sheet for the particular inspector. "Hello sir. Yes, I will transfer you to Debbie. She manages all septic tank in inspections and abandonments." I said in my happiest voice.
"Okay thank you." He replied.
I hung up the phone and fumbled through my phone. I had gotten a text and clicked on the view button. Once I saw who it was from Inearly dropped my phone.
"What the..." I whispered.
I right away text my best friend Carter, asking her to meet me at the diner after I get out of work, ASAP.

Chapter 2: You'll Never Guess Who Text Me?!
(by Gloria, added on 20 July 2009 09:14 PM)

I arrived at the diner to see my best friend sitting at a table, waiting for me.
"Hey. You alright?" She laughed. "Is it that bad?"
I nodded.
"I ordered us drinks already. I got you a sprite, for the soon to be headache, and a chocolate milkshake 'cause it didn't sound like a happy text. So tell me. What happened?" She said sipping her root beer.
"Oh my goodness! Okay so I'm sitting there answering phones and I get a text. I for sure thought you or my mom text me. So once I transferred the call you'll never guess who text me?!" I paused to add more suspense. "Johnny Rodriguez!!!"
She gasped and started choking on her root beer. *Alright. Let's pause the story for a second...*
Johnny Rodriguez is the typical hot guy. Although he is a jerk and hooks up with everyone and their mom. I personally never liked him cause of that. Of course we're friends and I have had a tiny crush on him since freshmen year. *Note: We are going to be juniors in a month.*
He has been single since he was a baby. He had dark black spikey hair and these gorgeous hazel eyes. He had a beautiful smile! That is why I am freaking out. That is why Carter is choking. Johnny just doesn't text any girl to see how they have been!? Alright back to the story.
"Why would he text you?" Carter gasped for air.
"I don't know. Maybe he just wants me as a booty call." I frowned.
"What?! No Gloria! Definitely not! You are so much more than that. He probably realized that or something. Maybe he...likes you?" She half smiled.
"Oh no! No, no, no!"
"Hey you never know. Well did you text him back?"
"What!? Why not?"
"I'm scared."
"Just freakin' do it! Alright listen to me. Tonight around 8:30 or so, text him back and be casual. Got it! You can do this. It's a no-brainer for you. You are so casual with every guy you meet. Just think of him as any other guy. Change his name in your contacts if it'll help you. I promise we'll figure out why this guy is texting you! I got your back." She smiled.

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