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Chapter 1: Found And Destroyed
(by Blake G, added on 29 June 2009 04:22 AM)

Bill and Jeff stared at the odd device they had uncovered. It looked quite different than anything... Rather unexpected and unordinary in appearance. It looked like a simple black box, but both men knew there was something different about it. As they stooped down to look at the device, Bill accidentally knocked it over.

She woke. She knew, for a certainty, that she was a female, though the source of her knowledge eluded her. She could see everything, could feel everything around her. She looked up at the two men who peered down at her with curious expressions on their faces. She knew nothing, had no memory. Her first response was curiocity at her strange surroundings, and without realizing how, she said, "Who are you?"

"Wow." Bill commented.

"Wow indeed, yeah." Jeff responded, somewhat shocked.

"Who am I?" The soft, musical voice said from the odd box on the ground.

"Let's take it back to base." Jeff suggested.

"Good idea." Bill replied, then gently lifted the box.

"This sensation is fascinating. Where are you taking me?" The voice asked.

"Jeff, do you think it's safe?" Bill asked.

"Marana." The musical voice stated, then added, "That is my name."

"Yes, it's safe." Jeff responded.

"Just in case, let's keep it in containment." Bill replied.

"Good suggestion." Jeff replied.

"What is this containment you speak of? You aren't going to leave me alone, are you?" Marana asked, struck with the sudden certainty that she didn't want to be left alone.

Moments later, she found she had been shut away in a small box. She couldn't see beyond it, and the experience frightened her into shutdown. When she reactivated, she found herself in an odd lab, many of the same beings looking over her, examining her, trying to determine how she became. She knew they were going to take her apart, and as she tried to scream, she shut down once again.

"Sir, we've examined the device, and have begun intigrating the neural net processor into our prototype computer system." Jeff reported as he entered the office of his boss.

"Very good. Tell me when it's operational." Jeff's boss said.

"I will, sir." Jeff said, then left the office.

"You will indeed, Jeff." The boss said to himself after Jeff had left.

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