empathy pain and tears

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Chapter 2: what next
(by maggy, added on 24 August 2009 07:54 PM)

Afterwards, I decided it must have been a kind of dream - hearing the screams feeling the pain. Of course the so-called 'psych' ward had not been in existence in the hospital for quite a number of years now Why had it seemed so real to me, I asked myself...my friend had not heard nor felt anything such as I had....was I going mad?? Maybe that was it, I had been through so much of late, dealing with the fact that I had inadvertently caused my very best mate - my soul mate even - to suffer such terrible injuries. Maybe it was guilt racking me That was it, I must be full of guilt and remorse (well of course I was!) but would that necessarily make all this something-out-of-a-movie type thing happen? I needed to check it out with my guru - and would when I got back...thats it I would go into myself, relax and seek out Higher Spirit that Spiritual being I could call on anytime I wanted to seek answers to seek out the TRUTH - then I would know what it was all about - I trusted I would anyway.

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