empathy pain and tears

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Chapter 1: awakening
(by Tay, added on 23 June 2009 01:43 AM)

I walked through the old hospital atrium with my friend. She was talking about how the place had become the new Walter Reed hospital, but all I could hear were faint echoes of screams, from somewhere below. My nose caught the smell of coffee and we stopped to get a cup.
"Where is the psych ward?" I asked, rubbing my face with one hand, holding the coffee cup with the other.
"It's in the basement. Why?"
"I can feel the pain, hear the screams. I'll be fine."

Two hours later, my friend had done what she came for, and then we were walking out. I clung tightly to her hand, the chatter of emotions in my head becoming louder. I stopped, temporarily dizzy and near to screaming from the panic building within.
"Tay!" My friend said, slightly panicky as she leaned me against a pillar. "Are you all right?"
"I'm, I'm fine." I answered, automatically.
"No, let's get you out of here before you go nuts."
We walked, and as soon as I felt the warmth of sunlight on my face, I broke from her grasp. I ran and ran, making it halfway across the hospital grounds before she caught up to me. She found me on my knees in the grass, sobbing and trembling, the pain evident just in my eyes.
The chatter wasn't quite so loud here, more of a background hum, though every once in a while the screams from the burn unit, and the psych ward, would break through and keep me immobile.
My friend helped me into the car and got into the driver's seat, dropping her purse on the floorboard.
"Calm down." She said, not unkindly.
"You're all right. we're out of there now. Calm down. Think of nothing. Collapse yourself so that you're not actively seeking out the emotions. I know you want to comfort those people, but you can do nothing for them. Think of it as they're home now."
I slowly began to relax and calm down, the tears slowing and finally stopping altogether. My eyes were red and puffy, my hands still shaking, the pain clinging to me like a thick oil slick over water. I couldn't shake it.
"Take a shower when you get home," My friend advised, starting the car up.

Chapter 2: what next
(by maggy, added on 24 August 2009 07:54 PM)

Afterwards, I decided it must have been a kind of dream - hearing the screams feeling the pain. Of course the so-called 'psych' ward had not been in existence in the hospital for quite a number of years now Why had it seemed so real to me, I asked myself...my friend had not heard nor felt anything such as I had....was I going mad?? Maybe that was it, I had been through so much of late, dealing with the fact that I had inadvertently caused my very best mate - my soul mate even - to suffer such terrible injuries. Maybe it was guilt racking me That was it, I must be full of guilt and remorse (well of course I was!) but would that necessarily make all this something-out-of-a-movie type thing happen? I needed to check it out with my guru - and would when I got back...thats it I would go into myself, relax and seek out Higher Spirit that Spiritual being I could call on anytime I wanted to seek answers to seek out the TRUTH - then I would know what it was all about - I trusted I would anyway.

Chapter 3: Truth and insanity
(by Tay, added on 14 September 2009 08:01 PM)

Yes, the psych ward existed in the hospital, I soon found out, looking at the wikipedia article in some shock. I pushed back my chair and walked into my friend's office. She was seated at the computer, looking up something when I walked in.
"It still exists. Everything." She nodded and turned around.
"Were you given any sort of drugs when you spent that time on vacation from reality last year?" The question surprised me, but I wasn't unprepared for it.
"Abillify and prozac are the only ones that were out of the norm," I answered, sitting down with a cup of tea.
"I'll do some research into that. I know a few people that I can ask discrete questions of." Her fingers began to fly.

I looked around the apartment. It wasn't small by any means, but it wasn't grand, either. Somehow it felt too stuffy, too crowded, though there were only four of us in it. I explored the living room, then the kitchen. I felt a sudden jolt of fear, then of cold, incalculable evil touch my senses. I entered the study, and the fear turned to panic.
The bedroom was worse. I hit my knees, my eyes wide as my friend entered behind me. the landlady tried to force me to explore the closet, but what I saw made me turn tail and run. Literally.
In the car not five minutes later, my friend was questioning me about what I'd seen. Between sobs, I told her.
"A woman, blond hair, bound and gagged in the closet. Blood everywhere. Her throat slit and a single neat gunshot wound to her temple. She was five months pregnant."
My friend shakes her head and open a filefolder.
"You've got it down to the minute details. You're empathic. Gods help you."

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