Black Wind

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Chapter 6: recovery
(by Joseph, added on 8 July 2009 01:14 AM)

Hours later, or so it seemed to me, I began, once again, to hear voices. The pain wasn't nearly as bad as it'd been before, but I still felt like my bones and muscels were being melted by hydrochloric and sulfearic acids at the same time. Nevertheless, I could make out what the voices were saying. One of them, Katy, was saying: "Ah, good. She's coming round. Thank god!" The male, Vaun, replied in the affirmative. I then opened my eyes.

I was lying on what felt like a matrass of some sort. My arms and legs were held down by soft, padded straps. While these restraints didn't really hinder me, they didn't help me much either. I then looked around and saw Katy on my right, just as she was when I awakened the first time.

Vaun, who was leaning over me, looked at me and grinned.

"I was wondering when you'd wake up."

"So was I," I replied. "Did you remove the tracker?"

He nodded. I sighed. Now they couldn't tell where I was...or so I thought.

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