Black Wind

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Chapter 9: Explainations
(by Joseph, added on 11 September 2012 02:51 PM)

Katie noticed my detress and placed a hand on my shoulder. "Effie, don't let your anger rulee your body. i know you're confused. I understand that you feel that you're being rushed hither and thither. But trust me. YOu'll be steeled down shortly."

Vawn nodded in affirmation. "She's rightt. We're pretty much at the end of the road here. All we need to do is get you on a shuttle, and we'll be headed away from this place."

I nodded. It made sence. I could see why they'd want to move me away from this place. Even though the tracker had been removed, the shape shifters could still track my sent, but only if is was right near the compound. Thus, moving me would make it impossible for them to find me again.

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