Black Wind

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Chapter 8: Taking Bits In
(by Joseph, added on 20 December 2011 09:00 PM)

Once we reached wherever we'd been heading, the straps on the gurny were unfastened, and my body lifted out. I was set down on my feet, and lead over to a soft, velvet-covered bench. I sank on to it greatfully, welcoming the support. My mind was still a little fuzzy, but I was beginning, slowly, to piece together bits of the information I'd overheard whilst I'd been in transit.

Apparently, I'd only been moved here temporeraly, so as to prevent the shapeshifters from catching me again, at least for the time being. As far as I could gather, I'd soon be on my way with Katie and Vaun, but to where, I knew not. The tracker had indeed been removed; they'd shown it to me when the process had been completed, and I thought that it'd looked much, much different than the small, black square of cylicon I only vaigly remembered being forceably placed under my skin as soon as I'd been lead into the compound.

Aside from that, I was completely confused as to what was going on, and my sluggish mind wasn't making things any easier to take in. I'd been told that I would be feeling this way for a few more hours. A few more hours! I could be learning new information now, but my mind would be like this for a few more hours! The thought of remaining like this infuriated me, so much so that I almost reached out a hand and snapped one of the picture frames on the wall in half.

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