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Chapter 2: The Waiting Game
(by Lori Duncan, added on 29 June 2010 04:00 PM)

Strafe strode along the underground tunnel, jingeling his keys and singing tunelessly to himself. He'd been promoted! After an eternity spend down here in the dark he was now Satan's right claw demon, and he ment to make some changes. It wasn't that he'd hated his old job, ushering the dambd into their new "home" was always fun, but it wasn't the same as being there to watch them "Settle in" All those people who begged for mercy and pleaded to be returned to their lives, for "Just one more chance!", they would soon see what being a dambd soul was really like. Only this morning in fact Strathe had supervised a group of young people who had been stupid enough to set fire to their local youth centre for a dare. These same people were now awaiting trial by the high demon councel who would decide how big the punnishment, and how deep a pit to asign them too. He hated the ruling councel, they were too slow, too long in making a desission for people's fate, and worst of all, they never consulted him on anything. He smiled to himself, if he had his way then he would soon be the only one Satan would listen too, and at last hell could really live up to it's name.
approaching a large metal door on his right at the end of the tunnel, Strafe took out the bunch of keys, sellected one and inserted the forked end into the double lock. With a sound like old joints creeking, the door opened.

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