Baby in A Bin

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Chapter 9: in conclusion
(by emily, added on 27 February 2017 02:52 PM)

the hospital checked the baby over, and then natalia.

remarkably, both had escaped with very little injury, though it did take a while to control the bleeding from amy's mouth.

"you were lucky," commented the doctor in charge of their case, " you were extremely lucky."

linda confessed to everything. her plan to kidnap, and then kill amy, and also admitted that it was her who had put the first baby in the bin.

fortunately for alexander, he had finished another case, and it went, he thought, pretty well.

as he drove home, natalia and amy sitting quietly in the back, he thanked god for their good health and praised himself for working out that linda was behind this all along.

2 months later, alexander was sitting in his office when he got a ltter.

the letter read:

dear alexander,

thank you for your help. we apreciate it.

amy is doing so well. you know she wants to be a police officer when she grows up?

I have a new job in the bank, and a great childminder for amy when I am away

you saved our lives, thank you

yours, natalia.

he put the letter on the desk beside him. he had a feeling that this wasn't the last he would see of her or the baby.

the end

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