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Chapter 3: Hoping for a break
(by Tessa, added on 22 July 2009 06:32 AM)

It took a moment for realization to hit Linda as her face went from surprise, to shock and then sadness.
"Are you certain she did not give her name?"
The nurse shook her head, "I'm afraid she did not give us any information. Even as the child was being delivered she did not even scream out in pain."
The police detective thought a moment before asking, "Can you point me in the right direction to the hospital surveillance cameras?"
"Of course," the nurse replied wanting to help the investigation. She was more than shocked that this new mother had been murdered.
"What happened to her? The woman I mean…"
The detective, Alexander Collins looked at her as he replied, "She was found in the East river. From what we have gathered from the medical examiner's office the cause of death was blunt force trauma to the head."
"Oh," Linda answered as she pointed at a door towards the end of the hallway, "The people that can help you with getting the surveillance tapes are through that door. I have to get back to my shift Mr.…."
"Collins," the detective said as he stuck out his hand, "I'm Alexander Collins."
"Nurse Linda Cheren," she shook Alexander's hand, "Please, if there's anything else I can do…"
"I'll let you know," Alexander said as he looked at the baby one more time before heading down the hallway. None of them knowing what, if anything the tapes would show. However, Alexander was hoping for a break in the case.

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