Baby in A Bin

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Chapter 2: Discoveries
(by Blake G, added on 23 May 2009 02:08 AM)

The man who discovered the small baby contacted his supervisers. Arriving at the site, they took the child from him. When they left, he went about his duties.

Meanwhile, the baby was brought to a hospital near bye. As it turned out, a nurse by the name of Linda Cheren had assisted in the delivery of the baby girl. The woman who had been pregnant with the child hadn't given her name or the childs name. Now, as the baby was brought in by the child care services, Linda was only too happy to help.

"What happened to her?" Linda asked, gently taking the crying baby from the arms of the man carrying her. Almost instantly, the baby quieted, squirming to find a better position in Linda's arms.

"She was found in a dust bin." The man responded gruffly.

"Well," Linda said, putting her palm against the small childs forehead, feeling her breathing and peering in to her eyes.

"Mam, we need to know who the childs mother is." The man said.

"I can describe her physical appearance to you, but beyond that, I don't know anything." Linda said, then added, "Follow me if you want the story."

The man followed as Linda got the necessary supplies to feed the baby girl and change her diaper. While doing so, Linda began her story.

"She came in alone. The fact that she was standing was amazing in itself. When she was brought in to the emergency delivery room, I noticed that she took the pain with almost stoic resolve. She never said a word, even after the baby was delivered. We told her to stay here, but she left the hospital almost immediately after the delivery. Oh, one more thing. She didn't let us drug her, and I'm not quite sure why."

"Mam, her appearance." The man said, apparently wanting to get the information that would help them track her.

"Oh, yes. Sorry." Linda responded, then after a moment, continued as she changed the baby. "She was about five foot ten. Her eyes were blue, and her hair was a rather dark shade of red. She looked like an athleet."

"A woman matching that description was murdered one day ago." The man stated.

Silence greeted his pronouncement.

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