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Chapter 6: natalia's response
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 11:30 AM)

it had been ages since alexander collins had attended the theater. now as he stood their in the warm reception, the memories of this place came flooding back to him. the last time he had come here, was to see the lion king- and that, he remembered, was an awsome performance. he hoped that phantom of the opera would be the same.

he knew that natalia wouldn't be here tonight, as she was looking after amy. but it was what she wanted, she wanted him to use the tickets and enjoy a night off. and that's what he was determined to do.

once seated in the auditorium, he settled back to enjoy, what he hoped, would be a fantastic show.

and indeed it was. the first half alone captured his imagination. it was extremely well performed. during the interval he purchased a coke and some chocolate buttons, then returned for another awsome performance in the second half.

it was late when alexander collins got back to his house. the first thing he did was check his voicemail. he had 5 new messages, most of them were nothing to take notice of- but when he got to the last message, he listened closely and smiled.

it was from natalia, thanking him for saving her baby- and then asking him if he had a good time at the theater.

he deleted the message, and made a mental note to get back to her tomorrow. now it was far too late, and he needed some sleep. even police officers need rest, you know.

the next morning however, he was awakened by his phone ringing. he picked it up, only to find that it was natalia.

" good morning, alexander!" she said cheerfully. " did you have a nice night last night?"

" yes," alexander said sleepaly " it was just a pity you wern't their to enjoy it with me. "

" awww, well, i've been looking after amy. she's not doing too well at the moment. i hope she'll be okay. "

" she will be, trust me. hey.. did you think about coming to answer some questions for me?"

" i did, but please, not at the station.... it wouldn't feel right- i'm not a criminal!"

" very well... meet at my house at what.... 11 30?"

" works for me. i'll be their. see you later, alexander!"

they hung up. alexander looked at his watch. it was now 6 30, plenty of time to have a bit more of a lay in, then slowly get dressed, and have breakfast, and wait for natalia to arive.

sure enough, at exactly 11 30 their was a knock on his door. natalia, complete with crying baby, entered the house.

alexander gave amy a hug and some food to quiet her, while he started conversation with natalia.

" so, i see she's able to cry now. express herself. she couldn't when i found her... that's progress. "

" yes, i know. she is headed in the right direction, but she's a long way to go and i just hope that she'll fully recover. "

" as i said on the phone, of course she will. now, coffee?. tea?. "

" no thanks, let's just get this over with. being questioned is not something that i'm used too. in fact it scares me. "

" just be honest with me, and you'll have nothing to worry about. now, you said that you had your baby in that hospital we were at yesterday, is that right?".

" yeah, that's right. at around 4 30 in the afternoon. "

" and, have you got any idea ... do you remember, which nurse helped with the delivery?. "

" nurse linda, yes... it was nurse linda. who could honestly forget a person like her. ".

" what do you mean?. "

" oh, she wasn't really that bothered about the baby, i mean she was, but she just rushed the delivery and put me under a lot of stress. "

" did she say anything?"

" well, she congratulated me, and then told me that the kid needed care and that i should leave. "

" but before that?. you said, she rushed the delivery..... how do you know?. "

" she just kept saying she had other things to attend too, and that i just hurry up. sometimes even shouting at me. "

" let me take you back to what you said about the baby needing care. did you ask to stay with her in hospital?. "

" yes, but linda wouldn't have any of it. she said the quicker i left the hospital, the quicker my baby would be better. "

" now, this is a very hard question, but during your time on the ward, were you ever threatened?. were you ever hurt?. "

natalia shivered, but said nothing

" it's okay, you can tell me in confidence. you see, charlotte, the mother of that baby we found in the bin, we have reason to believe she was. "

" well, yes, when you put it like that, i suppose their was. this man who looked very official kept peering in to the ward at the baby. then whispering to linda. "

alexander nodded.

" do you know what i think?. i think that linda, and this other person who ever they are, they are not doing their job properly.. they are plotting something between them. "

natalia nodded

" i suppose it could be possible, but why. why would anyone in a hospital....."

" i know, it's strange. but it will be okay. i'll get to the bottom of this whole thing. "

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