Baby in A Bin

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Chapter 4: the case unfolds
(by emily, added on 10 November 2013 08:53 PM)

alexander entered the room, to find the woman operating the cameras, sitting at her desk staring blankly in to thin air

he started... "good day, mam. i'm here on official duty.... i'm a police officer, and i'm conducting an investigation. a baby was found in a bin earlier today, and we believe the mother was murdered- and her body dumped in a river. i was wondering if i could have a look......"

the woman interupted her... " oh, charlotte?. yes... it was rather astonishing, actually. i remember her giving birth to the child- nurse linder delivered her, right?"

alexander nodded

"well, after she gave birth to the child, and was preparing to leave the hospital, she was grabbed by the kneck and dragged out the exit..... i remember linda coming in here, and remarking to me how strange it all was.... she told me that she felt she had to do something' but didn't know what"

"and," asked alexander, " you are sure her name is charlotte?"

"yeah," said the woman. " linda told me that her attacker called her name several times before dragging her out"

" and the kid?" asked alexander. "do you happen to know what the child is called?"

"melissa," said the woman. "linda told me that charlotte kept screaming, i can't take melissa with me... she'll have to stay behind"

alexander viewed the footage of the event, and it got him to thinking
"yes," he said. "that fits the description of the woman, but died in a river?. i'm not sure about that"

the woman sighed, " well, i can't help you any more than i have... i'm sorry.

alexander asked her if she knew this strange attacker, but she said that he was unfamiliar to her

he thanked her for her help anyway, and started back to the exit of the hospital

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