Baby in A Bin

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Chapter 8: the confrontation
(by emily, added on 18 January 2017 01:09 PM)

"I'm linda, " she said coldly. " you must be alexander. "

"can I come in?" alexander asked

"why sure... come on in", linda stepped aside to allow him access

stepping in to the lounge, alexander noticed a trail of blood leading from the door to the tv

he glared at linda.

" you didn't kill her, did you?"

" oh no" linda smiled. "both natalia and the child are alive and well."

alexander found natalia bound and gagged.

she was covered in blood, but she was moving her limbs.

" cmon," alexander said. "let's untie you".

" do you know where amy is?" he aded

he could hear her. he could hear her close by, in fact

she was crying

"amy's in the display case. locked in the display case" natalia said weakly

turning to linda, alexander simply said, " the key. "
she handed over the key, and alexander was able to unlock the case and get amy to safety.

she was crying, she was shivering, and she was bleeding from the mouth.

alexander hugged the child and told her it would be okay

but she constantly wailed, and alexander knew he had to control the bleeding.

" shut that crying baby up" linda shouted. " shut her up"

"she's crying," alexander stated, "because you made her bleed then locked her in a case, and of course their's poor natalia too"

he turned to natalia.

"but why did you let her in?. why did you let linda in"

in a barely audible voice, natalia said " I was scared. she was so forceful, and I didn't think I had much of a choice."

" well," alexander said, " it's a good thing I found you in time. everything's okay now, i'm going to take you and amy to the hospital, and as for you" he said, turning towards linda," you're going away for a long long time."

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