Baby in A Bin

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Chapter 7: the urgent phonecall
(by emily, added on 18 January 2017 12:50 PM)

"right... well, we're done!".

alexander was now on his feet and was heading for the door.

" won't you have 1 more cup of tea?" asked natalia.

" no, I won't. not this time. I need to go back to the station and make notes of things you have told me. thanks so much, it must have been so difficult for you"

after he left, natalia put amy down for nap, and went upstairs to do some chores

alexander drove in thought back to the police station.

now he was convinced that linda was hiding something

2 babies found in susppicious circumstances outside the hospital was all the information he needed.

in his office he wrote up all of natalia's responses, then he settled back in his chair.

he couldn't wait for saturday, he couldn't wait to do some more digging about linda

suddenly his phone rang

he picked it up, only to be greeted with a rather desperate and out of breath natalia

"I think," she breaved, " Linda is outside my residence. she keeps kicking the door and asking to see amy."

"i'll be right their, " alexander sighed as he put down the phone. he had only just left the house, and it took him a good hour to get back to the station.

when he arived at natalia's house, he was met with a sceen from a horror movie

outside, parked around the front of the house was a red car

inside, he could hear a lot of screaming and gasps for breath

he knocked

" natalia?. are you in their?"

no response

"it's alexander" he continued. " you called my office an hour ago"

while he didn't hear natalia, he did hear what must have been linda say " what, you called him?. you stupid little girl."

then silence

" it's the police" alexander said. " either open up or i'm smashing down the door"

the door opened, and their stood a woman in her 50's

her face wore a scowl and in her hand, she was holding a rope

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