Baby in A Bin

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Chapter 5: unanswered questions
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 01:20 PM)

alexander met linda as he was preparing to leave the hospital.

" did the footage help you?. did you see any footage at all?"

alexander nodded

" it's all so strange" he said. " first off, why would she leave her kid in a bin. i can understand why she had to leave her behind but...."

"wait a minit, " said linda. " why don't you start from the beginning?"

" okay," alexander started telling the story. " so the girl, charlotte, was apparently grabbed by the kneck, dragged out the ward, and apparently out the exit of the hospital, too"

he stared at linda. " and apparently, you saw it all happen!. that woman was pretty convinced you gave her all the information she needed, so she could pass it all on to me to help with the investigation. ".

linda just frowned. " no, didn't see a thing,. " she said, regretfully

" this does not add up, " alexander continued, " i mean.. how did someone sneak past reception, in to the ward, and was able to drag someone out, without being noticed by the staff?. surely that's just a little odd?"

linda gave an odd look and quickly ran off down the coridor

alexander stared after her, and then proceeded to his car.

as he drove, he couldn't help but think about melissa. he couldn't help wonder.... linda, that nurse, is she looking after melissa, or is she hurting her, what's going on behind closed doors

he eventually decided to do some background work on linda. he decided to return to the hospital on saturday, a day when linda wasn't working, and question the other staff about her. for now though, he thought, best go home and see my family.

as he drove in to the family driveway though, a sudden urge overtook him. a sudden fear for melissa's life. he turned the car round, and rushed straight back to the hospital.

once their, he discovered something pretty shocking. as he opened the car door to get out, he noticed something in the bushes. something small, and alive.

" another kid?" he thought. " it can't be". never the less, he walked over to discover that indeed, it was another baby girl. she was sitting under the bushes, cold, and weak- far too weak to even cry.

he picked her frajile body up, and walked in to the hospital. now, he needed to find yet another mother. this time, the mother of a much smaller girl.

as he aproached the desk, a thought came in to his head. what if this girl was melissa?. sure, she seemed smaller, and quieter, and more frajile, but what if it was melissa?. he started to regret leaving her with linda.

just then, the elevator door opened, and a young woman dashed out and started running towards alexander.

" amy!. my beautiful amy!" she was screaming, and had tears in her eyes.

alexander looked up at her.... " is this your child?" he asked holding out the frajile girl

" yes, yes!. how'd she get here... where did you find her..... what can i do to repay you..... i love you beautiful amy!". her emotions were clearly shaken up

" i found her in the bushes," alexander told her. " i have no idea how she got their"

the woman started to explain that she had given birth in this hospital a week ago, and was told that her child needed special care for a while, that she should go home, and return when they called her to let her know everything was okay.

"but you see," she explained, " after a week, i never got a call. i never got an update. when ever i rang to enquire about her, they'd cut me off. so you see, i had to come.... and when i found....." she burst in to tears.

" it's okay," alexander said soothingly. " she's safe now"

he looked at her for a second, then went on to explain his job, and why he was here

" i'm sorry, i never fully introduced myself.... i'm alexander, i'm a police officer- i'm investigating the case of a baby being found in a bin a few days ago. quite shocking!. "

" i'm natalia," said the woman. " i work at the box office at the local theater. say, the phantom of the opera is on it's last performance, and i have some tickets... would you like a ticket?"

alexander thought this would be a great oppotunity to rest his mind, so agreed.

as natalia started to walk away, alexander called after her.

" natalia?"

" yes?" came the reply as she came back in to view.

" i know it's hard, but would you... you know, think about coming down to the station with me to answer a few questions about, well... about your experience in the hospital. it may help me with my investigation"

natalia nodded. " i should see to amy first," she said. " then i'll think about it. i need to go home and rest, it's been a long day"

alexander smiled in understanding. "well if you ever feel up to it, here's the number for my police department... just ask for alexander"

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