the rainbow on earth

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Chapter 7: plans.
(by jade kelly, added on 26 March 2012 08:55 AM)

As the doctor had recommended, Ruth and Connie made plans to take Jess on a holiday to the sea.
"i think we should leave soon, that way Jess can heal faster." Ruth said as the friends cleared the breakfast mess and made preparations for the journey.
"I completely agree. I want what's best for that precious child and a trip to the seaside is exactly what she needs. She needs new clothing, shoes and toys. I will see to it that today bectonesa takes her shopping. I'm going over to the house to see what i can retrieve." Connie said as she filled the sink with boiling soapy water.

"excellent idea." Ruth said.
While the two women were having this discussion, Jess was wondering around the house finding dusty ornaments and polishing them. She found the beds of Ruth and Connie. She made them and soon began her wonderings again.
in the kitchen, the women were sitting around the table flipping through travel brochures looking for the ideal seaside holiday.
From the floor above them, a loud thud could be heard.
The women, as arthritic as they were rushed up the stairs and found jess lying in a heap on the floor.
"Jess. Jess. Jess. Are you okay?" Connie said frantically as she rushed to the girl.
Yet again, another ambulance was called and jess was rushed to hospital.

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