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Chapter 6: new faces
(by Tay, added on 5 April 2009 09:21 PM)

Jess sat up and looked around. She was feeling only marginally better, although hungry enough to stuff down a horse and have room left over for more. She kicked the heavy blanket off, turned and compulsively made the bed to the point that it appeared that a maid had done it for her. When she straightened up, her breath came in ragged gasps, but she had no time for that. She ran around the room, feeling the unseen whip of memory cracking at her back and legs as she straightened and polished until the room gleamed. She ran downstairs into the kitchen, fumbling blindly around until she smelled bacon. Following the scent she found herself in the large homy kitchen, with Ruth and Connie both looking at her in astonishment.

"jess, what's wrong?" Connie asked, springing up to take Jess into her lap and sitting them both at the table.
"I'm hungry, Gran, but I'm afraid to eat, Mum wouldn't let me eat until...."
"Shhh, you're away from her now." Connie said softly. "I'll make you some porridge and grab you some bacon, toast and tea."
Jess nodded in agreement as she sat herself down in the chair moved aside just for her.
Connie bustled over on the other side of the kitchen, and soon was bringing over a heaping plate and bowl, which was clean again in no time. Connie blinked in shock. That was enough food to feed two hunry lumberjacks, and Jess had finished it all. you could still clearly see her ribs and almost every bone in her tiny body, but she was no longer pale. A little colour had begun to rise into her cheeks.

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