the rainbow on earth

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Chapter 4: limbo
(by Aletea Sellers, added on 29 March 2009 07:10 PM)

Jess sat huddled in a chair holding a magazine but not reading it. everyone was rushing around her, talking almost as fast as they were moving. Somehow, Jess felt she was underground--she was fully aware that she was the subject of conversation but she was unable to communicate in the exchange-it felt like a wall of fog separated her from herself and the kaos around her. At last Connie came and sat next to her placing a reassuring arm around her. "Jess" Connie spoke at last, "me and the staff here think it would be a good idea if you came to stay with me for a while, how do you feel about that?" Jess answered at once, "yes, but where is mum?" there was a pause before Connie responded, "we don't know .. but don't worry about that for now". Jess was very sleepy because of the pain relief and the lingerings of her cold so for most of the journey she was barely concious of her surroundings. When she finally awoke properly Connie was pulling up in front of what must be a house, "welcome to rainbow place Jess, It's nice to have you here at last" Although Connie's visits had been fairly frequent over the years she had never before been to her grandmother's house. As Connie carried Jess wrapped in a blanket, the door of the house opened and a woman in pyjamas came rushing out to greet them. "hello" exclaimed the woman, "who have we here" "Ruth this is my grand-daughter Jess, and Jess this is" there was a slight pause, "this is my friend Ruth" finished Connie as they entered the house.

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