the rainbow on earth

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Chapter 2: the trip
(by Tay, added on 24 March 2009 08:08 PM)

Connie glover walked into the house, using the key that the landlord had given her for this purpose. She looked around until she saw her granddaughter, sprawled in the middle of the living room. Connie rushed to her granddaughter's side.
"Jess? are you all right?" Connie asked, pulling the little girl's hand away from one of her ears so that she could hear.
"I don't feel good." Jess mumbled, tears filling her chocolate brown eyes.
"What's wrong?" Connie asked.
"I'm hot and my ears and head hurt." Jess answered, snuggling up close to Connie.
Connie knew what she had to do and this was going to be the hardest thing she'd ever done.

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