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Chapter 5: breakfast
(by Aletea Sellers, added on 29 March 2009 07:58 PM)

"so where is Sally now then" Ruth asked. This was the following morning. Both Ruth and Connie had risen early and were preparing breakfast. Jess had been put to bed in Sally's old room and was still sound asleep. "she's done her usual disappearing act" Replied Connie. "she'll turn up in a few days no doubt and blame everything on Rob as usual!". Connie lifted the kettle to make the tea but her hands were shaking as she was close to tears suddenly. "I'll make it" said Ruth taking the kettle from her. Gratefully Connie let her finish making breakfast and sat down wearily. Although her daughter had been a sadist since a teenager, since the birth of Jess she had mellowed somewhat or so it had seemed. The breakup with Rob had obviously caused her to relapse. The problem with Sally was that her sadism was masked by her beauty. To those that did not know her intimately, she was attractive alluring and graceful--she still did modelling work from time to time. Rob and sally had been together for several years, unlike her previous boyfriends Rob had been intrigued by Sally's sadistic tendencies and to a certain extent he had shared in it. However, Rob had never been as maliciously cruel as had Sally. Since the birth of his daughter he had resisted his sadistic impulses. Although he was of course in the words of connie, "as thick as a plank" he was harmless and exerted a calming influence over Sally. Unfortunately, this also made him by default a victim of Sally's sadism. With Rob gone, Sally had fallen back in to her old ways. Connie deeply wished she could have preempted the violence before it had erupted but how could she wen Sally hated her and only endured her visits under sufference. From a young age Sally had resented Connie's lifestyle choices. Connie could cope with her daughter's decision to cut her out of her life--but everything changed when Sally started to develop her own lifestyle choices that were much more distructive!!

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