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Chapter 3: Safety
(by Blake G, added on 27 March 2009 12:42 AM)

"Yes, my name is Connie Brentwood. I have a medical emergency at 972 northwood drive." Connie said in to the phone after dialing nine one one.

"Could you describe her simtims, mam?" The operator asked.

"She says her ear hurts, and she's running a feever of 102.3, I just checked her temprature." Connie said, her voice shaking as her heart pounded in her chest.

"Do you know what caused this?" The operator asked.

"I'm not sure, but..." Connie's voice trailed off.

"Mam, the ambulence will arrive shortly." The operator said.

"Ok, good. I... I think she might have been abused." Connie said.

"Do you know who may have abused her?" The operator asked.

Sally Brentwood was a sadist, though those who knew her wouldn't have said so. Sally had a normal life, or so it appeared. She also had a secret, however, a secret that she loved to keep. She loved her child, that wasn't an issue. However, punishment had to be enforced, and Sally enjoyed enforcing that punishment. After all, her daughter Jess had to learn. The best way to teach her was force, so force would be applied. It also helped her curb her impulse to murder everyone she saw, which she knew she must do to live a normal life.

As Sally drove home, she grinned in anticipation. No doubt, her daughter would require more punishment. She would be happy to provide it. The end result would be discipline and control. Her daughter would be the perfect child, and she would be the cause.

"Mrs. Brentwood?" A doctor asked.

"Yes, yes? Is Jess ok?" Connie asked, standing from the chair she had been sitting in for the past three minutes.

"She'll be fine. We would like to keep her here for a while, though, as her body is having trouble fighting the cold she has. We have a psychologist, Dr. Jannet talking to her. From what we can tell so far, Jess was quite violently abused, mentally as well as physically. Dr. Jannet is confident that she'll recover, as she says Jess is fairly good at adapting to new situations. Tell me, do you know Jess well?" The doctor asked.

"Yes... She's pretty adaptible, I would have to say. I can't believe that Sally..." Connie trailed off.

"We did determine that her mother was the abuser. Dr. Jannet eventually got her to tell us that piece of information." The doctor replied.

"Can I see her?" Connie asked.

"Yes, you can. Jess has asked to see you as well." The doctor said. Together, the two of them entered the hospital room to talk with Jess and the psychologist.

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