the rainbow on earth

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Chapter 1: the hell begins
(by Tay, added on 24 March 2009 08:05 PM)

She pawed through her myriad of toys, although none of them meant much to her anymore. she was sad, lonely and broken, since her daddy had left her alone and in the house with her mommy who did prescription drugs for fun. She winced and placed a hand to her ear. Her ear hurt, but she was used to it by now.
She walked out of the room and looked around. there was no one home. there was no one there to hear her cries of pain. Her mother was there, but she was off in another world. Jess was afraid. She looked around and grabbed her favourite teddy bear, clutching it close to her chest as though for a lifeline. How could she go on?

Chapter 2: the trip
(by Tay, added on 24 March 2009 08:08 PM)

Connie glover walked into the house, using the key that the landlord had given her for this purpose. She looked around until she saw her granddaughter, sprawled in the middle of the living room. Connie rushed to her granddaughter's side.
"Jess? are you all right?" Connie asked, pulling the little girl's hand away from one of her ears so that she could hear.
"I don't feel good." Jess mumbled, tears filling her chocolate brown eyes.
"What's wrong?" Connie asked.
"I'm hot and my ears and head hurt." Jess answered, snuggling up close to Connie.
Connie knew what she had to do and this was going to be the hardest thing she'd ever done.

Chapter 3: Safety
(by Blake G, added on 27 March 2009 12:42 AM)

"Yes, my name is Connie Brentwood. I have a medical emergency at 972 northwood drive." Connie said in to the phone after dialing nine one one.

"Could you describe her simtims, mam?" The operator asked.

"She says her ear hurts, and she's running a feever of 102.3, I just checked her temprature." Connie said, her voice shaking as her heart pounded in her chest.

"Do you know what caused this?" The operator asked.

"I'm not sure, but..." Connie's voice trailed off.

"Mam, the ambulence will arrive shortly." The operator said.

"Ok, good. I... I think she might have been abused." Connie said.

"Do you know who may have abused her?" The operator asked.

Sally Brentwood was a sadist, though those who knew her wouldn't have said so. Sally had a normal life, or so it appeared. She also had a secret, however, a secret that she loved to keep. She loved her child, that wasn't an issue. However, punishment had to be enforced, and Sally enjoyed enforcing that punishment. After all, her daughter Jess had to learn. The best way to teach her was force, so force would be applied. It also helped her curb her impulse to murder everyone she saw, which she knew she must do to live a normal life.

As Sally drove home, she grinned in anticipation. No doubt, her daughter would require more punishment. She would be happy to provide it. The end result would be discipline and control. Her daughter would be the perfect child, and she would be the cause.

"Mrs. Brentwood?" A doctor asked.

"Yes, yes? Is Jess ok?" Connie asked, standing from the chair she had been sitting in for the past three minutes.

"She'll be fine. We would like to keep her here for a while, though, as her body is having trouble fighting the cold she has. We have a psychologist, Dr. Jannet talking to her. From what we can tell so far, Jess was quite violently abused, mentally as well as physically. Dr. Jannet is confident that she'll recover, as she says Jess is fairly good at adapting to new situations. Tell me, do you know Jess well?" The doctor asked.

"Yes... She's pretty adaptible, I would have to say. I can't believe that Sally..." Connie trailed off.

"We did determine that her mother was the abuser. Dr. Jannet eventually got her to tell us that piece of information." The doctor replied.

"Can I see her?" Connie asked.

"Yes, you can. Jess has asked to see you as well." The doctor said. Together, the two of them entered the hospital room to talk with Jess and the psychologist.

Chapter 4: limbo
(by Aletea Sellers, added on 29 March 2009 07:10 PM)

Jess sat huddled in a chair holding a magazine but not reading it. everyone was rushing around her, talking almost as fast as they were moving. Somehow, Jess felt she was underground--she was fully aware that she was the subject of conversation but she was unable to communicate in the exchange-it felt like a wall of fog separated her from herself and the kaos around her. At last Connie came and sat next to her placing a reassuring arm around her. "Jess" Connie spoke at last, "me and the staff here think it would be a good idea if you came to stay with me for a while, how do you feel about that?" Jess answered at once, "yes, but where is mum?" there was a pause before Connie responded, "we don't know .. but don't worry about that for now". Jess was very sleepy because of the pain relief and the lingerings of her cold so for most of the journey she was barely concious of her surroundings. When she finally awoke properly Connie was pulling up in front of what must be a house, "welcome to rainbow place Jess, It's nice to have you here at last" Although Connie's visits had been fairly frequent over the years she had never before been to her grandmother's house. As Connie carried Jess wrapped in a blanket, the door of the house opened and a woman in pyjamas came rushing out to greet them. "hello" exclaimed the woman, "who have we here" "Ruth this is my grand-daughter Jess, and Jess this is" there was a slight pause, "this is my friend Ruth" finished Connie as they entered the house.

Chapter 5: breakfast
(by Aletea Sellers, added on 29 March 2009 07:58 PM)

"so where is Sally now then" Ruth asked. This was the following morning. Both Ruth and Connie had risen early and were preparing breakfast. Jess had been put to bed in Sally's old room and was still sound asleep. "she's done her usual disappearing act" Replied Connie. "she'll turn up in a few days no doubt and blame everything on Rob as usual!". Connie lifted the kettle to make the tea but her hands were shaking as she was close to tears suddenly. "I'll make it" said Ruth taking the kettle from her. Gratefully Connie let her finish making breakfast and sat down wearily. Although her daughter had been a sadist since a teenager, since the birth of Jess she had mellowed somewhat or so it had seemed. The breakup with Rob had obviously caused her to relapse. The problem with Sally was that her sadism was masked by her beauty. To those that did not know her intimately, she was attractive alluring and graceful--she still did modelling work from time to time. Rob and sally had been together for several years, unlike her previous boyfriends Rob had been intrigued by Sally's sadistic tendencies and to a certain extent he had shared in it. However, Rob had never been as maliciously cruel as had Sally. Since the birth of his daughter he had resisted his sadistic impulses. Although he was of course in the words of connie, "as thick as a plank" he was harmless and exerted a calming influence over Sally. Unfortunately, this also made him by default a victim of Sally's sadism. With Rob gone, Sally had fallen back in to her old ways. Connie deeply wished she could have preempted the violence before it had erupted but how could she wen Sally hated her and only endured her visits under sufference. From a young age Sally had resented Connie's lifestyle choices. Connie could cope with her daughter's decision to cut her out of her life--but everything changed when Sally started to develop her own lifestyle choices that were much more distructive!!

Chapter 6: new faces
(by Tay, added on 5 April 2009 09:21 PM)

Jess sat up and looked around. She was feeling only marginally better, although hungry enough to stuff down a horse and have room left over for more. She kicked the heavy blanket off, turned and compulsively made the bed to the point that it appeared that a maid had done it for her. When she straightened up, her breath came in ragged gasps, but she had no time for that. She ran around the room, feeling the unseen whip of memory cracking at her back and legs as she straightened and polished until the room gleamed. She ran downstairs into the kitchen, fumbling blindly around until she smelled bacon. Following the scent she found herself in the large homy kitchen, with Ruth and Connie both looking at her in astonishment.

"jess, what's wrong?" Connie asked, springing up to take Jess into her lap and sitting them both at the table.
"I'm hungry, Gran, but I'm afraid to eat, Mum wouldn't let me eat until...."
"Shhh, you're away from her now." Connie said softly. "I'll make you some porridge and grab you some bacon, toast and tea."
Jess nodded in agreement as she sat herself down in the chair moved aside just for her.
Connie bustled over on the other side of the kitchen, and soon was bringing over a heaping plate and bowl, which was clean again in no time. Connie blinked in shock. That was enough food to feed two hunry lumberjacks, and Jess had finished it all. you could still clearly see her ribs and almost every bone in her tiny body, but she was no longer pale. A little colour had begun to rise into her cheeks.

Chapter 7: plans.
(by jade kelly, added on 26 March 2012 08:55 AM)

As the doctor had recommended, Ruth and Connie made plans to take Jess on a holiday to the sea.
"i think we should leave soon, that way Jess can heal faster." Ruth said as the friends cleared the breakfast mess and made preparations for the journey.
"I completely agree. I want what's best for that precious child and a trip to the seaside is exactly what she needs. She needs new clothing, shoes and toys. I will see to it that today bectonesa takes her shopping. I'm going over to the house to see what i can retrieve." Connie said as she filled the sink with boiling soapy water.

"excellent idea." Ruth said.
While the two women were having this discussion, Jess was wondering around the house finding dusty ornaments and polishing them. She found the beds of Ruth and Connie. She made them and soon began her wonderings again.
in the kitchen, the women were sitting around the table flipping through travel brochures looking for the ideal seaside holiday.
From the floor above them, a loud thud could be heard.
The women, as arthritic as they were rushed up the stairs and found jess lying in a heap on the floor.
"Jess. Jess. Jess. Are you okay?" Connie said frantically as she rushed to the girl.
Yet again, another ambulance was called and jess was rushed to hospital.

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