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Chapter 1: Emerging Mind
(by Blake G, added on 14 March 2009 10:03 PM)

Emily Berns was nineteen. She had graduated from high school only four months ago. She was a calm person, who was quite intuitive about others. Many of her teachers and students told her she would do well as a psychologist or a counselor. Emily had thought about the opinions of others as she walked casually down the sidewalk outside her apartment.

As Emily stood at the corner of the intersection in front of her, she looked up at the sky. Today was a sunny day, and the sky shown a clear blue above her. As it was day, she couldn't make out any stars, but if it had been night, she could have. She would come to be greatful for her last look at the sky, but at the moment, she didn't know she would.

She started across the street, looking around her. A bus blocked her view of a car heading down the road, and she hadn't heard it, the sound of the busses engine covering the sound of the car. When it slammed in to the bus, however, she had no time for thoughts. The bus had been quite close to her at the time, as it was going to turn right. On this particular street, the turning lanes were on the far right and far left sides of the road, and the driver of the bus had chosen to stop close to the curb. As a result, the momentum of the car pushed the busses front end to the right. The bus slammed in to Emily, throwing her to the ground. Her head slammed in to the road, and consciousness left her.

Emily felt a gentle throbbing in her head as she awoke. The pain wasn't intense, and emily suspected that was due to the I.V. that seemed to be in her arm. She carefully opened her eyes, staring up at the dim lights above her. She struggled to sit up, gritting her teeth through the weakness in her mustles. She was determined, however, and eventually managed to do so.

Breathing hard as if she had run a race, Emily stared around at her surroundings. She recognized the surroundings of a hospital, but she wasn't certain of her exact location. As she looked around, she felt something, instinctively realizing someone was approaching the room she was in. It was a feeling in the back of her mind, as if she could sense the other person's presents. It was a nurse. She was coming to check on Emily, and Emily knew she would be surprised when she walked through the door. Something was at the edge of emilies perceptions, and after a moment, Emily realized this woman was in pain. Her emotions were barried, however, tightly controled.

Emily turned her head toward the door as the nurse opened it. She cried out in surprise, then rushed over to Emily. As she did, the nurses feelings became more intense, and Emily felt the throbbing in her head growing worse.

"Emily, Emily Berns, you need to lie down." The nurse said, trying to keep her voice calm. It was rather difficult, however, for the surprise she had received upon noticing Emilies conscious form had given her quite a shock.

"Why are you in pain?" Emily tried to ask, but discovered, before she opened her mouth, that she didn't know how to form the words she wanted to say.

Emily was a calm person, however, and didn't allow her apparent disabillity to frustrate her. Instead, she shakily rose her hand, pointing at a piece of paper and a pen lieing on a table. After she did so, Emily collapsed backward on the bed. The nurse leaned over her, looking closely in to her eyes.

As Emily returned the nurses gaze, she knew how to communicate. Had she thought about it further, however, she would have realized her current course of action was unwise. She wasn't entirely focused and concentrated, however, still daised from her unfamiliar surroundings as well as the drugs being fed directly in to her blood stream. Picturing the nurses face in her mind, Emily thought, 'What's your name?'

The nurses eyes widened in fear and disbelief. Emily wisely chose not to project a thought to the nurse again, but wouldn't have had a chance to do so. The nurse turned and ran from the room. A few seconds later, a doctor entered. He seemed unsurprised to see Emily awake. Emily could read this person as well, and knew he was used to dealing with the unexpected. Perhaps he would have better luck with her form of communication.

"Good afternoon, Emily. My name is Doctor Chase." The doctor said calmly, checking the monitors at the side of her bed.

Emily turned to look at him, and again, attempted to speak. She couldn't do so, but she knew she could think in to his mind. She wasn't entirely certain how she was aware of what she could do, but the fact that she was was good enough for her at the moment.

'Hello, doctor Chase.' Emily thought to him, picturing his face in her mind intently as she did so.

The doctors eyes widened, then he glanced at a computer monitor. He looked rather shaken and surprised, but he wasn't running.

"Emily, can you repeat what you just did for me?" The doctor asked.

'Can you hear me? You're not making eye contact with me, so I don't know if this will work.' Emily thought to him. She could feel that it had, however, and the doctor looked back at her with a curious expression on his face. His fear was calming, and Emily felt he wouldn't be afraid of her unique tallent.

"Emily, I need you to let me know if you feel any weakness or dizziness. The injury to your brain has had some rather unexpected results." The doctor said.

'Can you explain?' Emily said, ignoring her increasing pain. Her concentration was back, and she could focus much better. She looked at the doctor calmly, paciently waiting.

"The human brain is rather complex, and medical studies have shown that humans only use approximately one third of their brain." The doctor indicated a computer monitor. "This is monitoring your brain activity, and it shows the different brainwaves such as beta, alpha, ect. As far as I can tell, you are using one half of your brains full capacity. This is particularly prominent in the frontal, temporal, and pariital lobes of your brain."

'I'm sorry to interrupt, but could you break it down a bit?' Emily asked.

"I'm sorry." The doctor chuckled somewhat. "I'll try to be more basic, but I'm used to explaining things in technical terms." The doctor paused for a moment, then continued. "You're telepathic, you can project your thoughts. You've shown me that. Whenever you project, your brain activity peaks to a dangerous level, a level that would be dangerous for most people. Your bio-signs don't seem to be effected by this peak in activity, and I'm at a loss as to why. In short, you're as healthy as I am, accept for your rather unusual brain activity. Several portions of your brain were critically injured in the accident. That includes the broca's area, which allows you to speak."

'Is that why I can't seem to form words?' Emily asked.

"That's correct. However, with the correct instruction, I'm sure you can learn to speak again." The doctor responded kindly.

Emily caught sight of a callender hanging on the wall. The date was March 14, 2019. She had been unconscious for ten years. She suddenly became aware of her thurst and physical weakness. The pain in her head had decreased considerably, but no pain killers were being injected in to her blood. Emily didn't think about that, however, as she gritted her teeth and forced herself to sit up again. Doctor Chase helped her, and she smiled greatfully at him.

"Are you thursty, Ms. Berns?" The doctor asked.

Emily nodded, deciding not to project. She would have to learn about her supposed telepathy. As the doctor left her, she felt a wave of frustration come over her. She stared longingly at the pen and paper, then prepared to climb from the bed. She would get them if it killed her, she thought to herself.

Pain stabbed through her head, then Emily instinctively reached up as the pen and paper came flying at her from the table. No one had thrown them, however, and she stared, wide-eyed at the objects in her hands. She didn't panick or scream, however, simply stared at the paper and pen. When Doctor Chase returned, he found her lieing on the bed, staring at the seemingly ordinary objects. Placing the glass on the bedside table, he leaned over her.

"Ms. Berns, are you all right?" Doctor Chase asked.

Emily stared up at him with shocked eyes, unable to concentrate well enough to project. She indicated the paper and pen in her right hand, then with her left, pointed to the table they had been on. The doctor seemed to understand, as he said, "I see."

Chapter 2: Complications
(by Blake G, added on 20 April 2009 04:36 AM)

Emily knew enough about the human body to realize she shouldn't gulp the water down, as she desperately wanted to do. Instead, she took the glass from the doctor, sipping the water carefully. Her hand shook as she struggled to hold up the glass, and the doctor steadied it. He helped her sit up again, this time, pressing a button to move the upper portion of the bed in to a near sitting position. With the doctor's help, Emily finished the glass of water in a few minutes, allowing about ten seconds between each sip so her stomach could settle.

"You'll have to drink suip and other liquids for a few days. Your stomach needs to get used to eating again." The doctor explained.

Emily nodded in understanding, then looked him in the eye.

'Are you afraid of me?' She asked.

He looked slightly startled, but responded, "No... But your telepathy is going to take some getting used too. I suggest you don't reveal your abilities to others."

Emily took the pen and paper from her lap, staring down at them in her hands. She stared hard at the pen, willing it to lift from the paper. After about ten seconds, the pen lifted slowly. Emily cried out, dropping the objects in her hands in shock. It wasn't a fluke, then, she mused.

"Telekinetic, too, I see. Hmm." The doctor said, his eyes wide with curiosity.

Emily could feel the doctor's curious gaze. He wasn't afraid of her, wouldn't fear her strange abilities. Her mind felt tired, her thoughts fuzzy. She relaxed, letting her hands drop to her lap. Her head fell back against the headrest on the bed, her eyes closing as her mind relaxed.

"Emily?" The doctor called.

Emily tried to open her eyes, but her mind was too tired. Her body didn't move. Consciousness slowly left her. She sighed as she fell asleep, peaceful dreams sweeping her consciousness away.

Every animal mind had instinct, including the human mind. Consciousness prevailed over instinct in most cases, accept when terror was involved. In Emilie’s case, however, her instincts dominated her as she woke, consciousness still in the back of her mind, blissfully unaware.

In her altered mental state, her senses were heightened, more aware as they would have been many years ago, when humans were more instinct than intelligence. She could feel the people surrounding her, could hear their voices talking in frantic, excited voices. Cameras flashed in her eyes, the bright lights terrifying her.

She reacted as a trapped animal might, screaming as she leapt from the bed with surprising strength and ajility. She tackled one news man to the ground, using her telekinetic abilities to throw another against the wall. Slamming the first man's head to the floor with enough force to knock him unconscious, but not kill him, Emily leapt to her feet and spun around, a wild, terrified look in her eyes. Voices started speaking, shouting, lights flashing in her eyes again. Emily screamed, clutching her head as she fell to the ground. Pain tore through her head as she became aware of her position consciously. Doctor Chase charged in to the room, yelling at the news crews to leave with their cameras and equipment.

Emily felt him lay her on the bed, force her curled body to straighten as he connected electrodes to her head again. She had torn them loose in her wild frenzy of terror, but it only took him moments to reconnect them.

Monitors beeped wildly, the graph that showed her brain activity peaking at a level beyond its highest point. Emily still screamed, but the doctor worked with single-minded determination, focusing on helping his patient.

Emilie's vision flickered. Even through her incredible pain, she noticed. It terrified her again. The pain tore through her head like a wave, crashing again and again. Incredibly, she could still somewhat concentrate, though she didn't know how, or even why. What mattered was stopping the pain. She had to stop the pain. Desperation driving her, Emily literally willed her brain activity to lower, her pain to subside. Doctor Chase sighed with relief, his entire body shaking as adrenaline pumped through his blood.

"How do you feel?" Chase asked as he turned to Emily.

Emily was unconscious again. Sighing, Chase walked to the door and opened it, spotting a man who looked to be the leader of the news crew that had stormed in to Emilie’s hospital room.

"You." Chase said, glaring at him, stepping closer with fury burning in his eyes. "You nearly killed her."

Chase was normally a person to think before he acted, but in this case, his anger drove him over the edge of his control. He grabbed the man, slamming him back first against the wall, his eyes filled with a terrifying rage.

"You will leave, and if one of you comes back here, I'll give you a story to report!" Chase shouted, his face inches from the man's own, whose eyes were wide with terror.

The man squeaked something inarticulate, his heart pounding wildly in fear. Chase released him, his eyes narrowed.

"Leave!" Chase roared, then shoved the man down the corridor.

The news crew left, all of them frightened of the mad doctor. Chase entered Emilie's hospital room again, walked over to the phone, then punched in the extension to connect him to the manager.

"Yes, I want to know how the news got their hands on the cameras recordings of this room." Chase said.

He was silent for a few seconds as he heard a response, then he said in anger, "Turn the cameras off in here..."

He was cut off, and a voice could be faintly heard over the phones receiver. In frustration, Chase nearly slammed the phone down, then a wave of calm swept over him. A beeping alerted him to Emilie's unstable condition as her brain activity peaked once again. Gently placing the phone on its base, Chase turned back to her. The levels of brain activity were quite different from those of a normal person, all sections of her brain working in sink with one another. Her brainwaves peaked at quite a high level, and it worried Chase. Activating a live X-ray feed of her brain, he looked in awe, then his eyes widened in surprise.

"Poor Emily... I'm sorry." Chase whispered. Her own mind had destroyed her optic nerves. In their place was something completely unfamiliar and fascinating to him, and he suddenly realized that Emilies brain, her entire body, was new territory. Definitely mind over matter, he mused to himself. But, he asked himself, did she know?

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