Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 7: grace's troubles
(by emily, added on 28 December 2017 01:40 PM)

miss more sat their, a million thoughts going through her mind

part of her was angry at the treatment of the young girl, and she wanted to tell her face to face, and to ask her why she did it if she knew it was wrong

but part of her knew she had come for answers, not to get angry.

she simply asked, " what frustrations?"

grace sighed a deep, long sigh.
"I don't want to bore you with all the details," she said finally. " all you need to know is that I am struggling, and this young kid's not doing much to help me."

miss more was about to scold grace for what she had just said about nadia, when she noticed tears silently trickling down her face.

she felt moved to give the young mother a hug.

" grace, it's okay. tell me what's wrong?. what frustrations."

grace sighed again, and in sted of talking to miss more, pointed to a letter on the coffee table

" can I pick it up?" asked the teacher, as she outstretched her hand.

she read the letter

she read it once, she read it twice

then she put it back on the table and sat back on the sofa.

" you're getting evicted from your home?" asked miss more, " why."

she knew why, the home looked a mess. it looked in no fit state for a mother to live in.

but she wanted to make conversation

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