Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 4: nadia's secret
(by emily, added on 16 November 2013 11:58 AM)

nadia had become miss more's new curiosity. what was she hiding. why did she wisper all the time, and why did she not seem to learn as fast as the other kids?.

she didn't have long to wonder.

at 1pm the class came back inside. all accept, all accept for nadia. she wasn't with the others.

" where's nadia?. " asked miss more as she sat at her desk.

" she's gone, " ron said.

" gone?"

mary decided to explain.

" miss more, " she began. " nadia went in to the woods. behind the swings. she said she wasn't coming back. she said she'd rather sit outside, she'd rather sit alone. "

" right, " said miss more. " um could you all talk amongst yourselves?. i need to see where nadia is. she's 1 of my students, and she needs to be with me. "

outside, it didn't take miss more long to find nadia, sitting on the bench, shivering. she was clutching her picture, and she had a look of terror on her tiny face.

miss more aproached her, and began to speak:

" nadia, you need to come in, sweetie. it's lesson time. "

in sted of being met with a whisper, nadia screamed.

" ron!. ron hates me!. like everyone else!. everyone hates me!. and don't pretend you don't, miss more!. you don't want to help me at all. all you care about are the others. isn't that right miss more?. isn't that right?. "

" no, sweetie.... i care about all my students. you're all equal. and, i especially want to help you. you know, you're a very special girl. "

" special?. " nadia smiled. " i'm special?. "

" yes, you are. and do you know what i'd really like to do?. i'd like to look at your picture that you made in the classroomn today. "

nadia silently handed it over, and miss more smiled.

but when she looked at what she'd made, her face went from a smile, to a very concerned look.

the picture that nadia had made in class, clearly wasn't something that miss more had expected, from any of her 4th grade class.

" don't you like it?. " tears were starting to form in nadia's eyes.

" i don't really know what it is, sweetie. why don't you tell me?"

" it's a picture of my mommy. my mommy hits me, miss more. and when she does, i get very angry and i hide. then, when it gets to much, miss more i....."

" you what, nadia?. it's okay. you can tell me. "

" i don't want to live anymore, i just want to escape. i want it all gone. "

misss more nodde.

" well, nadia. thanks for telling me. you know, i think i'd like to speak to your mommy. "

at that, nadia shiverdd and began to leave.

" it's okay, it's okay. not now.... later okay?. now, come back to class, and let's do something nice. "

" okay, miss more. "

they headed back to the classroom, hand in hand. miss more thinking about how nadia must feel, and how brave she was to tell her all this.

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