Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 3: nadia's silence.
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 06:09 PM)

miss more called the class back in at 11 a.m. they all came in, cheering and full of smiles.

" did you have a good playtime?. " she asked.

" we went to play on the swings, " angela said.

miss more smiled. " well, it's about time those swings were made use of. they arn't as popular as they used to be, what with sports and other activities taking over. anyway, enough about that. so for our second lesson..." she stopped as she met nadia's gaze. " our second activity," she started, " is art. i want each of you to do me a picture of something that means something to you, or something that tells me something about you. just be creative. the art stuff is all on the table nearest the door. i'll come round in a minit to look at your pictures. "

everyone seemed excited, though peter was skeptical.

" art?." he asked miss more. " creative art?. we're not 2 years old!"

miss more smiled and went back to her writing.

soon, all the kids had made nice pictures and miss more was going around seeing what was made.

she took in a nice winter sceen that mary had created, angela's dog, ron and peter's joint effert at creating a birthday party sceen, and jake's picture of a rainforest.

when she got round to nadia, the child just sat their, head in her hands.

" are you going to show me your picture, sweetie?"

nadia shook her head. she folded her hands on the table and looked away from the teacher.

miss more walked back to her desk, thinking that perhaps nadia would show her picture after class, when the 2 were alone.

" you all did great. really. you all have such skill. and ron, peter, you 2 make a great team- that birthday party sceen you created looks so realistic!. "

" what about nadia?. " asked ron, " what sort of picture did nadia make?. you never congratulated her. "

" well, ur,." began miss more.

"she didn't make any picture did she!. lazy nadia didn't even pick up the paintbrush. "

" now ron, their's no need for that. nadia's just shy, is all. i'm sure her picture is great. "

" you never saw it yourself?" spat ron, " don't make excuses for her. nadia's just lazy. "

the teacher sighed. " well, i was going to ask the reason behind all your pictures, but i'll think we'll skip that. why don't you all come up and hang your pictures on the wall?".

soon, the room was decorated nicely with winter sceens, and rainforests, and dogs, and birthday parties.

ron laughed when nadia didn't have a picture to put on the wall.

after the art class, miss more took nadia aside.

" nadia, sweetie, are you going to show me your picture?"

nadia shook her head, neggative.

" why won't you show me your picture, nadia?. "

nadia looked away from the kindly eyes of the teacher.

persisting, miss more continued, " you know, sweetie, what about just me and you, we have lunch in the classroom?. just us. i'm curious about you, i'm curious about you, your picture, your silence..."

nadia nodded.

" i'd like that, " she said softly.

miss more smiled and had 2 school lunches baught to the classroom.

over lunch, miss more tried to make small talk with the child. what subjects did she like, what she liked to do in her spare time, even what she wanted to be when she grew up. but the child just ate. she ate, and ate, and ate- until her plate was empty. completely empty.

" you must have been hungry," said miss more. " are you full up now?"

the child nodded.

" i'm thirsty though, " she whispered

they both had a glass of apple juice, and it was very refreshing.

" you know, sweetie, you don't have to whisper. it's only us here. everyone else is in the lunch hall. "

nadia said nothing.

" would you like to go and play with the children?" miss more asked, not wanting her to be diffrent from her other classmates

nadia reached over to the table, and grabbed her picture tight.

" as long as this comes with me," she said.

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