Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 2: the first lesson
(by emily, added on 14 November 2013 12:47 PM)

" so, now we're all sitting down," said miss more, " i think it's time i learnt a little about you. hmm... an ice breaker". she thought for a moment.. " what about telling me what you all did over the summer holidays?"

" studdied!" all the kids shouted in unison.

miss more looked up in shock.

" you mean to tell me that none of you did anything for the summer?. you studdied all the time?. "

" oh, we did!" explained peter. " we've been learning about the first world war, and it's facinating. our old teacher was brilliant at her job. "

" i hope i can continue the good teaching method. now, who can tell me what year world war 1 started?. hands up, please?. "

the teacher scanned the class, and eventually picked jake.

" 1914,. " he said proudly.

" that's right!. now, when did it end?".

" that would be 1918," said angela.

" good!. " said the teacher.. " today, " she continued, " we are going to watch a video about the first world war, and afterwards, you're going to have a quiz on it. "

" a video?. " enquired ron. " our old teacher never showed us any videos. "

" think of this as a treat,. " said miss more. " i'm in charge now, and i'll be showing you a lot of informative videos. now, let's gather round the central video screen, class!. "

they all took a chair and gathered round the screen.

miss more put the video on, and for the next hour or so, no one spoke. they were intently watching the screen.

just as the video was coming to an end, the bell rang.

" that's the end of our history class for today, " said miss more. " our quiz on world war 1 will be tomorrow. after break, i think we'll do something else. "

all the kids filed out of the class, all accept for nadia thompson who waited patiently by miss more's desk.

" what is it, nadia?." asked miss more.

nadia frowned. " i'm just not getting anywhere with this class, i can't understand anything that's being said... it just goes straight through me. didn't you notice how i remained silent all morning?. "

the teacher nodded. " well," she said. " what would you like to do after break?. why don't you decide what the class should do. "

nadia thought for a moment, and then frowned. " i'm not built for school, i'm just not good at learning. what about we do art?".

miss more smiled. " well, nadia, art's very creative, and you can express a lot of emotions with art. okay, i'll get us some supplies from the art cupboard, and we can paint some pretty pictures. now off you go, play with the other children".

" thank you, miss more". nadia whispered as she opened the classroom door to leave.

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