Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 5: perfect peter
(by emily, added on 18 January 2017 01:33 PM)

miss more returned, nadia in toe

" she's fine," said the teacher, sensing 5 pairs of eyes looking at her. " this afternoon," she continued, taking her seat at the desk " we're going to have a spelling test".

"Oh I can spell just fine," snorted ron. " C, A, T- that spells cat. D, O, G- that spells dog. C, L, A, S, S, that spells class".

"very good ron" said miss more. " but the words in this test are going to be a lot harder. for example, who can spell utopia?"

"EE, W, U" started ron.
" no ron, that's not how you spell it. see?. you can't spell everything!"

"E, U, T," began mary

" no" said the teacher. " that's not right either."

"U, T, O, P, I, A" said peter proudly

" that's right" said miss more. " well done peter".

she then proceeded to write 10 words on the blackboard.

" this is your test," she said. " you have exactly 15 minits to complete it."

15 minits later, miss more went around the class checking the children's work.

she stopped at ron, and after looking at his finished test said "you didn't get any right. I thought you could spell?"

"I can" said ron, folding his arms. " these words are too dificult!"

she continued going around the class

both jake and angela had managed to get 5 right

nadia even managed to get 7, and miss more congratulated her

when she got round to peter, her mouth dropped open.

" you got 10!" she said. " some of those words were really hard, but you got them all!"

peter smiled. "well, I do a lot of reading, you know"

when the teacher announced to the class that peter had got them all right, they all chanted "he's perfect peter!. perfect peter with a perfect score!"

for the rest of the afternoon, when ever peter's name got mentioned by the teacher, the class would correct her " you mean perfect peter with the perfect score".

at the end of the day, nadia aproached the teacher and smiled.

" yes, you did good too nadia. 7 is a lot of right answers!"

"I'm just glad i'm not being bullied about my art by ron" she said. " now peter's getting all the attention, and I want him to know how it feels to be bullied".

" that's not nice, nadia" miss more scolded. but she could see why the child had said that

miss more imagined that nadia didn't have a very nice upbringing, not a nice upbringing at all

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