Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 1: The First Day
(by Lindsay Cowell, added on 12 March 2009 01:31 PM)

Miss Moore climbed into her car. Today was her first day at a new school with a new class. She was very nervous as St. Teresa's was supposed to be a very strict school. 4C, her new class, were an unknown entity to her. Miss Paxe, the old teacher, had left because of other commitments. When she got to the school 4C were already waiting quietly in a 3-by-3 formation outside the classroom door.
"Good morning class. I'm Miss Moore. Please give me your names one at a time."
"Nadia Thompson."
"Angela Greene."
"Mary Fairhay."
"Ron Suthers."
"Jake Lack."
"Peter Jones." Miss Moore looked around in surprise.
"Do you mean I only teach six?" She asked.
"Yes Miss, that's right."
"Oh, good. Come in then, and sit down." She opened the door and lead the way into the classroom. The desks were arrange in two rows of three in front of a central teachers desk.

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