Miss Moore and the Amazing Class

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Chapter 6: Meeting Nadia's mother.
(by Ian McNamara, added on 19 December 2017 08:38 PM)

A week after starting with the class miss moor decided it was time to meet Nadia's mother. She was not happy with what the young girl had told her and wanted to meet the woman in question. She pulled up to the house and walked up the drive, it was a very nice house but not in the nicest area, she got the feeling that Nadia's mother did not have much. She knocked and a few minutes later the door was opened by a young woman, Looking at her Miss more guest she'd had Nadia at a very young age probably teenage years.

"Is it ok if I come in, I am Nadia's new teacher from school."

the woman nodded, she was dressed in jeans and a sweater that looked to big on her. She sat on the sofa once they'd entered the room. Miss more decided to start with basic back ground questions, the woman name was Grace and she had been left after Nadia was born, the guy had run out on her not wanting to know. She'd been struggling ever since to really bring Nadia up successfully. As soon as miss more asked her about the hitting that Nadia said she was suffering Grace leaned back and burst into tears.

"Yes I admit I do take my frustrations out on Nadia, it's hard for me because I am young and trying to really better myself I know it's wrong what I do to her and I need help. However it's just not affordable for me at the moment. Nadia is a special child I have always known that but I just don't know how to get threw to her. Hitting her is wrong and I know it's something I should not be doing, but I don't know how to talk to Nadia in any other way."

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