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Chapter 4: exam, or no exam
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 12:38 PM)

once she was back in her room, hayley sat on her bed, wondering.

"exam?" she asked out loud. " i was never told about any exam!"

mandy, who had been silent all this time spoke up

"maybe not, maybe i organised it for you?"

it was then hayley realised, this was truly strange. as far as she could remember, she had quit piano when the instructor had told her, quite firmly, that piano was not for her.

"but i don't know anything about piano," she said out loud. " i'm going to fail the exam"

she was interupted in her thoughts by her mom calling, " hayley hayley, examination time!. cmon let's go!"

with a look of sheer terror, hayley headed down the stairs.

in the car, hayley told her mom her feelings, and how she knew she was going to fail the exam

" don't be stupid," said her mom. " you'll do great"

soon enough they were in the examination room, and hayley was playing the piano perfictly.

" this is great!" said her instructor, " you're going to pass with flying colours!"

hayley just smiled and whispered that she hoped so

at the end of the exam, hayley and her mother were asked to wait outside the door while it was being marked.

"so?. how do you think you've done?" mom asked

hayley shrugged. "well, it seemed okay, but i don't remember ever playing the piano this well.... something's not right!"

"you are a great piano pplayer, hayley" her mom asured her giving her a hug

just then, the door opened and a very confused examiner stepped out in to the office

"well?" asked hayley eagerly, " did i pass?"

the examiner asked hayley and her mom to come in to his office while he explained.

"everything seems correct, everything seems in order" he said.

" so i pa......" hayley was interupted by the examiner.

" under normal circumstances, yes. you would have passed. but... i can't explain this, something's preventing me from giving you full marks. it's.... i don't know. i just can't write ticks in all the boxes. my hand's not letting me do it".

hayley laughed " what a stupid excuse, you're just tired or something. you're not thinking straight"

the examiner shook her head. "really, i'd love to talk about this with you but i've my next pupil... fail. sorry hayley. fail".

hayley and her mom left the office in silence, hayley wondering what was wrong with the piano teacher, and her mom wondering how this would affect hayley's confidence.

in the car on the way home, hayley stormed in to a rage.

" but i did it mom!. i did everything she asked me too!. everything!". i can't let my fingers write on the paper... what's that about!"

the mom calmly responded,

"well, maybe the teacher's just having a bad day... why don't we go back to the office tomorrow and see if she's passed you?"

hayley shook her head.

" no, i fail. fail!. i'm useless at everything!"

as soon as they got home, hayley stomped up the stairs, and slammed the door of her bedroom- locking it from the inside.

she spent several moments studying her bedside table, then looking over at her telephone- trying to decide if she should ring the office and explode to the piano teacher, the receptionist, who ever would listen, really

suddenly without warning she turned away from the phone and screamed, " mandy!. this is your fault!. why mandy, why!"

expecting 1 of her boring, samy replies, hayley waited, and waited, and waited.

but mandy didn't answer. in sted of answering, hayley noticed that some stuff in her room, mainly her telephone, was moving of it's own acord.

she figured she could walk over to the phone, and put it back in it's place- but, after finding that she couldn't walk in the direction she wanted, something kept pushing her back, hayley fell on to her bed, determined to stop what ever was going on, and to get her life back- as something was going on, and she wasn't bennifiting from it, not 1 bit.

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