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Chapter 1: Weird Things Happen
(by Lindsay Cowell, added on 27 February 2009 01:12 AM)

When Hayley woke up on that Wednesday morning she knew something was wrong. She tried to get out of bed but her body wouldn't respond. Her feet wouldn't touch the floor. "I wonder what's wrong," she thought, "why am I like this?"
"Because I say you're staying in bed today." Said a voice in her head.
"Who are you?"
"I'm Mandy."
"And do you know who I am?"
"You're Hayley."
"So where are you, Mandy?"
"I'm inside your body, Hayley and I control you!"

Chapter 2: The Bathroom Fiasco
(by Lindsay Cowell, added on 27 February 2009 01:30 AM)

Eventually Hayley managed to get herself up. She went into the bathroom, where Mandy proceeded to trash the place, utilizing Hayleys' body to do it. She blocked the plughole of the sink with toilet paper until it overflowed. She squirted shower gel down the toilet until it overflowed with bubbles. She squeezed toothpaste all over the mirror so that Hayley couldn't see her own reflection. It took Hayley ages before she could gain control of her body. Before she could drag Mandy out of the bathroom the towels were torn into thin narrow strips and scattered everywhere.

Chapter 3: getting to know mandy
(by emily, added on 10 November 2013 08:04 PM)

"okay, enough is enough!" screamed hayley. "what are you doing here anyway?. what do you want!"

mandy replied, that she was simply here to make life easier for her, to make life a lot more fun.

"you call wrecking the bathroom fun?" hayley screamed, " you could get me in to trouble!

mandy just sighed.

" i know how much you hate school, you hate your teachers, you hate your parents... don't you want me to help?"

hayley looked confused

"and you know all this how?. " she asked

"because, " mandy said firmly, " i know everything. "

just then, the bedroom door opened and hayley's mother walked in to the room

she switched on the light and smiled

"hayley, i've been calling you for breakfast for the last 10 minits... didn't you hear me?. i've made pancakes- come on down!"

in the kitchen, her mom questioned her

"what's going on with you?" she asked, " you didn't hear me call for breakfast, and from the sounds of things, you've been causing a wreck in your room... i could hear the noise from the kitchen!"

"oh, mom, that's mandy" hayley said. "mandy's just here for a little while, helping me with homework and stuff. she's totally harmless"

her mom said nothing for a while, and went back to making the pancakes.

after a lengthy silence, she turned back to hayley and asked if she was coming down for breakfast, too

"oh no, "hayley said, "mandy's all ready eaten today"

her mom said nothing, but her face wore a look that said something like, well, i never saw her come down to eat.

as if reading her mom's thoughts, hayley added "she's very anxious about people, she'll only come downstairs if it's totally quiet"

"so," the mom asked, "i'll never get to meet her, then?"

"oh," hayley said. "i'm sure i can figure something out"

after breakfast, hayley got up from her chair and started up the stairs
her mom called up to her, "hayley!. piano exam in an hour!. you don't want to be late for it!"

hayley yelled back, " i won't, mom. i promise. i just have to get my things together"

Chapter 4: exam, or no exam
(by emily, added on 13 November 2013 12:38 PM)

once she was back in her room, hayley sat on her bed, wondering.

"exam?" she asked out loud. " i was never told about any exam!"

mandy, who had been silent all this time spoke up

"maybe not, maybe i organised it for you?"

it was then hayley realised, this was truly strange. as far as she could remember, she had quit piano when the instructor had told her, quite firmly, that piano was not for her.

"but i don't know anything about piano," she said out loud. " i'm going to fail the exam"

she was interupted in her thoughts by her mom calling, " hayley hayley, examination time!. cmon let's go!"

with a look of sheer terror, hayley headed down the stairs.

in the car, hayley told her mom her feelings, and how she knew she was going to fail the exam

" don't be stupid," said her mom. " you'll do great"

soon enough they were in the examination room, and hayley was playing the piano perfictly.

" this is great!" said her instructor, " you're going to pass with flying colours!"

hayley just smiled and whispered that she hoped so

at the end of the exam, hayley and her mother were asked to wait outside the door while it was being marked.

"so?. how do you think you've done?" mom asked

hayley shrugged. "well, it seemed okay, but i don't remember ever playing the piano this well.... something's not right!"

"you are a great piano pplayer, hayley" her mom asured her giving her a hug

just then, the door opened and a very confused examiner stepped out in to the office

"well?" asked hayley eagerly, " did i pass?"

the examiner asked hayley and her mom to come in to his office while he explained.

"everything seems correct, everything seems in order" he said.

" so i pa......" hayley was interupted by the examiner.

" under normal circumstances, yes. you would have passed. but... i can't explain this, something's preventing me from giving you full marks. it's.... i don't know. i just can't write ticks in all the boxes. my hand's not letting me do it".

hayley laughed " what a stupid excuse, you're just tired or something. you're not thinking straight"

the examiner shook her head. "really, i'd love to talk about this with you but i've my next pupil... fail. sorry hayley. fail".

hayley and her mom left the office in silence, hayley wondering what was wrong with the piano teacher, and her mom wondering how this would affect hayley's confidence.

in the car on the way home, hayley stormed in to a rage.

" but i did it mom!. i did everything she asked me too!. everything!". i can't let my fingers write on the paper... what's that about!"

the mom calmly responded,

"well, maybe the teacher's just having a bad day... why don't we go back to the office tomorrow and see if she's passed you?"

hayley shook her head.

" no, i fail. fail!. i'm useless at everything!"

as soon as they got home, hayley stomped up the stairs, and slammed the door of her bedroom- locking it from the inside.

she spent several moments studying her bedside table, then looking over at her telephone- trying to decide if she should ring the office and explode to the piano teacher, the receptionist, who ever would listen, really

suddenly without warning she turned away from the phone and screamed, " mandy!. this is your fault!. why mandy, why!"

expecting 1 of her boring, samy replies, hayley waited, and waited, and waited.

but mandy didn't answer. in sted of answering, hayley noticed that some stuff in her room, mainly her telephone, was moving of it's own acord.

she figured she could walk over to the phone, and put it back in it's place- but, after finding that she couldn't walk in the direction she wanted, something kept pushing her back, hayley fell on to her bed, determined to stop what ever was going on, and to get her life back- as something was going on, and she wasn't bennifiting from it, not 1 bit.

Chapter 5: the truth about mandy
(by emily, added on 17 November 2013 11:33 AM)

the next morning when hayley awoke, she had a good idea. or at least, she thought at the time it would be a good idea, and may help explain about her odd behaviour.

she was finally going to tell her mon the truth about mandy. she had too, she had to let someone know about it. why, she didn't really know, but it just felt right.

that morning, her mom had some errands to do, and hayley was going to join her.

" mom," she shouted down the stairs " do you need some company today?. do you need some help in the town?"

" you're offering?" mom yelled back from the kitchen. " but you hate coming in to town with me. you hate it. "

hayley ran down the stairs and hugged her mom. " well, i want to come, if that's okay with you!. "

her mom couldn't work out why hayley was suddenly being so helpful, but, she accepted her offer and they went out to the car.

as they were drriving, they made small talk about places they had to go, bills that needed paying, etc.

finally, hayley baught up the topic of mandy.

"mom," she said hesitantly. " you know i was telling you about mandy?"

"yes," mom said. " your friend that's down to stay with you for a while, right?. "

" actually mom, i lied to you about that. she's not a friend, at all. she's.... she's....."

" she's what?"

" she lives in my head. she's a ghost!. she controls me, mom. "

hayley's mom nearly lost control of the carr as she took in this information. she was finally able to stop the engine, and face hayley.

" but you don't believe in ghosts!. hayley you said yourself, that all this paranormal stuff is just stupid. you said that people waste their time believing in that kind of thing. "

" well, now i do, mom. mandy's real, i swear. she's controling what happens. "

" and what, is she controling exactly?. "

" when we went to piano yesterday and i failed the exam?. that was her fault, mom. then in my room, she made things move, and she wrecked my bathroom, and she...."

" enough!. this ghost crap has got way out of hand!. now let's just do our chores can we?. we came out to pay bills, not talk the paranormal!."

the rest of the day was spent in silence. visiting the bank, the supermarket, and even some of mom's friends in town.

when they arived home, mom finally spoke again.

" supposing this ghost was real, how did she get in to your head?. where did she come from. "

hayley stayed silent. she sat in the car, bracing herself for what was going to happen next.

" tell your mom to start believing in ghosts, before something bad happens to her, " mandy suddenly said.

hayley passed on the information to her mom.

" mandy says......"

" mandy says nothing," snapped mom. " mandy isn't real. "

Chapter 6: really unwell
(by emily, added on 26 January 2017 04:37 PM)

hayley made it in to the house, and just about made it up the stairs

at the top, however, she suddenly felt really unwell and slumped down on the floor.

her mother, unaware of this, was downstairs putting stuff away, making phone calls and doing things that moms do.

hayley tried to shout for her mom to come upstairs, but her voice was too weak

she lay their motionless for a good 10 minits.

finally, she was able to get up, and walk slowly and painfully to her room

she had no idea why she suddenly felt so ill

she lay on her bed, staring up at the ceeling

"hayley?. you okay up their?"

no response


her mom thought she must be in the bathroom or something, so went to the sitting room to watch tv

hayley,though was still lying on her bed.

she debated just getting undressed and going to bed, but it was only 5 PM, and it was still too early.

she managed to pull herself up, but she felt terrible

"maybe I need a drink" she thought

it was a hot day, and being stuck in the car had probably made her really thirsty

she started towards the door, but before she could open it she felt herself unable to breav, she felt faint, she was sick all over the floor, then she hit the ground. hard.

Chapter 7: I, mandy
(by emily, added on 1 February 2017 04:16 PM)

hayley's mother walked in to a darkend room

the floor was still covered in vomit, and in the corner lay an elder woman, much older than hayley.

her mother gasped

she walked across to the woman and shook her awake

"what is it?", said the elder woman.

"who are you?. where's hayley?."

"hayley?. who's she."

"my daughter. what have you done with her?."

the elder woman thought about this

" oh right, the 10 year old. well, she won't be coming back anytime soon."

" and," asked hayley's mother, " why not?"

"I am mandy," said the woman. "I have been living inside your daughter's head for a while now. but now, I finally have the power to become human."

"you're..... mandy?" hayley's mother stepped back

she decided to clean up the vomit, as it was looking quite disgusting. then she would prepare breakfast

mandy, just lay in the corner unaware of what was happening.

as the day progressed, and the hours ticked by, mandy remained in human form

that was, until, 6 PM when hayley's mother called mandy down for dinner and didn't get an answer

she walked in to the room, only to find hayley standing by the door, looking blankly at the wall

her mother looked stunned

"um...... hayley?. where have you been!. i've been worried sick!"

hayley just stared

"I was ill last night," she confessed. " I collapsed on the ground, right here" she gestured to where she had fallen

"I know," said her mother. "I know, I cleared it all up this morning."

she hesitated

"you know you've been telling me about this mandy person?. well, I think i finally met her".

"met her?. likee, she was here?." hayley asked

"sure," said her mother. "she was rightt here" pointing to where mandy had previously laid

"but she's only in my head, mom" said hayley. " that's it."

"come on down to dinner," said her mom. "I'm starting to believe you now. I am sorry I doubted you. maybe she is more real than anyone of us think."

Chapter 8: don't be stupid, mom
(by emily, added on 22 September 2018 03:38 PM)

during dinner they talked about mandy.

Hayley kept telling her mother that mandy was a ghost, but her mother kept saying she met her.

" okay, " said Hayley, " if you've met her, where is she now?."

her mother pondered the question, then confessed

" well, I don't actually know. maybe she's gone out for air or something."

Hayley giggled. they both looked out the window. no one was standing their, and mother had been in Hayley's room earlier so she clearly wasn't upstairs.

" I thought you believed she was a ghost, nothing more" Hayley said. " a ghost."

her mother proceeded to describe the woman she had met and the conversation that took place.

" she said you were never coming back," her mother said. " are you sure you're that mandy is just a ghost, because...."

" yeah, she is just a ghost" Hayley said. she even thought about her school friends. none of their parents were called mandy, either- and even if they were, she hadn't had anyone round for ages

" tell her." a voice said. " tell her."

Hayley grew agitated in her seat and her mother noticed this.

" Hayley?" she asked. " you seem agitated, what's wrong."

" tell her " repeated the voice from inside Hayley. " just tell her, you'll feel better if you do."

" nothing mom," Hayley lied, " I'm just restless. "

she wanted to add that she wished her mother would stop with this whole mandy thing

" oh Hayley," her mother said, " why don't you have a walk in the garden?"

Hayley smiled. she thought a walk in the garden would probably do her good, and get her mother off her back about mandy

she stood up quickly, grabbed her coat, and she was off, without even a word to her mother.

her mother thought it strange, but went to clean up the dishes and then to do some chores around the house.

outside Hayley seethed

" my mother!" she said. " my mother is so.... just so... interfering."

" then run away," mandy said. " you don't need your mother, I can give you a better life than she could."

haylay shook her head. she didn't want to run away, she just wanted her mother to leave her alone.

" you are just a ghost, right?" she asked mandy.

" yes," she said. " just a ghost. why would I be anything more?"

" oh no reason," Hayley laughed. " no reason at all. doubting myself, I suppose."

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