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Chapter 7: I, mandy
(by emily, added on 1 February 2017 04:16 PM)

hayley's mother walked in to a darkend room

the floor was still covered in vomit, and in the corner lay an elder woman, much older than hayley.

her mother gasped

she walked across to the woman and shook her awake

"what is it?", said the elder woman.

"who are you?. where's hayley?."

"hayley?. who's she."

"my daughter. what have you done with her?."

the elder woman thought about this

" oh right, the 10 year old. well, she won't be coming back anytime soon."

" and," asked hayley's mother, " why not?"

"I am mandy," said the woman. "I have been living inside your daughter's head for a while now. but now, I finally have the power to become human."

"you're..... mandy?" hayley's mother stepped back

she decided to clean up the vomit, as it was looking quite disgusting. then she would prepare breakfast

mandy, just lay in the corner unaware of what was happening.

as the day progressed, and the hours ticked by, mandy remained in human form

that was, until, 6 PM when hayley's mother called mandy down for dinner and didn't get an answer

she walked in to the room, only to find hayley standing by the door, looking blankly at the wall

her mother looked stunned

"um...... hayley?. where have you been!. i've been worried sick!"

hayley just stared

"I was ill last night," she confessed. " I collapsed on the ground, right here" she gestured to where she had fallen

"I know," said her mother. "I know, I cleared it all up this morning."

she hesitated

"you know you've been telling me about this mandy person?. well, I think i finally met her".

"met her?. likee, she was here?." hayley asked

"sure," said her mother. "she was rightt here" pointing to where mandy had previously laid

"but she's only in my head, mom" said hayley. " that's it."

"come on down to dinner," said her mom. "I'm starting to believe you now. I am sorry I doubted you. maybe she is more real than anyone of us think."

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