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Chapter 6: really unwell
(by emily, added on 26 January 2017 04:37 PM)

hayley made it in to the house, and just about made it up the stairs

at the top, however, she suddenly felt really unwell and slumped down on the floor.

her mother, unaware of this, was downstairs putting stuff away, making phone calls and doing things that moms do.

hayley tried to shout for her mom to come upstairs, but her voice was too weak

she lay their motionless for a good 10 minits.

finally, she was able to get up, and walk slowly and painfully to her room

she had no idea why she suddenly felt so ill

she lay on her bed, staring up at the ceeling

"hayley?. you okay up their?"

no response


her mom thought she must be in the bathroom or something, so went to the sitting room to watch tv

hayley,though was still lying on her bed.

she debated just getting undressed and going to bed, but it was only 5 PM, and it was still too early.

she managed to pull herself up, but she felt terrible

"maybe I need a drink" she thought

it was a hot day, and being stuck in the car had probably made her really thirsty

she started towards the door, but before she could open it she felt herself unable to breav, she felt faint, she was sick all over the floor, then she hit the ground. hard.

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