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Chapter 5: the truth about mandy
(by emily, added on 17 November 2013 11:33 AM)

the next morning when hayley awoke, she had a good idea. or at least, she thought at the time it would be a good idea, and may help explain about her odd behaviour.

she was finally going to tell her mon the truth about mandy. she had too, she had to let someone know about it. why, she didn't really know, but it just felt right.

that morning, her mom had some errands to do, and hayley was going to join her.

" mom," she shouted down the stairs " do you need some company today?. do you need some help in the town?"

" you're offering?" mom yelled back from the kitchen. " but you hate coming in to town with me. you hate it. "

hayley ran down the stairs and hugged her mom. " well, i want to come, if that's okay with you!. "

her mom couldn't work out why hayley was suddenly being so helpful, but, she accepted her offer and they went out to the car.

as they were drriving, they made small talk about places they had to go, bills that needed paying, etc.

finally, hayley baught up the topic of mandy.

"mom," she said hesitantly. " you know i was telling you about mandy?"

"yes," mom said. " your friend that's down to stay with you for a while, right?. "

" actually mom, i lied to you about that. she's not a friend, at all. she's.... she's....."

" she's what?"

" she lives in my head. she's a ghost!. she controls me, mom. "

hayley's mom nearly lost control of the carr as she took in this information. she was finally able to stop the engine, and face hayley.

" but you don't believe in ghosts!. hayley you said yourself, that all this paranormal stuff is just stupid. you said that people waste their time believing in that kind of thing. "

" well, now i do, mom. mandy's real, i swear. she's controling what happens. "

" and what, is she controling exactly?. "

" when we went to piano yesterday and i failed the exam?. that was her fault, mom. then in my room, she made things move, and she wrecked my bathroom, and she...."

" enough!. this ghost crap has got way out of hand!. now let's just do our chores can we?. we came out to pay bills, not talk the paranormal!."

the rest of the day was spent in silence. visiting the bank, the supermarket, and even some of mom's friends in town.

when they arived home, mom finally spoke again.

" supposing this ghost was real, how did she get in to your head?. where did she come from. "

hayley stayed silent. she sat in the car, bracing herself for what was going to happen next.

" tell your mom to start believing in ghosts, before something bad happens to her, " mandy suddenly said.

hayley passed on the information to her mom.

" mandy says......"

" mandy says nothing," snapped mom. " mandy isn't real. "

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