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Chapter 8: don't be stupid, mom
(by emily, added on 22 September 2018 03:38 PM)

during dinner they talked about mandy.

Hayley kept telling her mother that mandy was a ghost, but her mother kept saying she met her.

" okay, " said Hayley, " if you've met her, where is she now?."

her mother pondered the question, then confessed

" well, I don't actually know. maybe she's gone out for air or something."

Hayley giggled. they both looked out the window. no one was standing their, and mother had been in Hayley's room earlier so she clearly wasn't upstairs.

" I thought you believed she was a ghost, nothing more" Hayley said. " a ghost."

her mother proceeded to describe the woman she had met and the conversation that took place.

" she said you were never coming back," her mother said. " are you sure you're that mandy is just a ghost, because...."

" yeah, she is just a ghost" Hayley said. she even thought about her school friends. none of their parents were called mandy, either- and even if they were, she hadn't had anyone round for ages

" tell her." a voice said. " tell her."

Hayley grew agitated in her seat and her mother noticed this.

" Hayley?" she asked. " you seem agitated, what's wrong."

" tell her " repeated the voice from inside Hayley. " just tell her, you'll feel better if you do."

" nothing mom," Hayley lied, " I'm just restless. "

she wanted to add that she wished her mother would stop with this whole mandy thing

" oh Hayley," her mother said, " why don't you have a walk in the garden?"

Hayley smiled. she thought a walk in the garden would probably do her good, and get her mother off her back about mandy

she stood up quickly, grabbed her coat, and she was off, without even a word to her mother.

her mother thought it strange, but went to clean up the dishes and then to do some chores around the house.

outside Hayley seethed

" my mother!" she said. " my mother is so.... just so... interfering."

" then run away," mandy said. " you don't need your mother, I can give you a better life than she could."

haylay shook her head. she didn't want to run away, she just wanted her mother to leave her alone.

" you are just a ghost, right?" she asked mandy.

" yes," she said. " just a ghost. why would I be anything more?"

" oh no reason," Hayley laughed. " no reason at all. doubting myself, I suppose."

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