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Chapter 3: getting to know mandy
(by emily, added on 10 November 2013 08:04 PM)

"okay, enough is enough!" screamed hayley. "what are you doing here anyway?. what do you want!"

mandy replied, that she was simply here to make life easier for her, to make life a lot more fun.

"you call wrecking the bathroom fun?" hayley screamed, " you could get me in to trouble!

mandy just sighed.

" i know how much you hate school, you hate your teachers, you hate your parents... don't you want me to help?"

hayley looked confused

"and you know all this how?. " she asked

"because, " mandy said firmly, " i know everything. "

just then, the bedroom door opened and hayley's mother walked in to the room

she switched on the light and smiled

"hayley, i've been calling you for breakfast for the last 10 minits... didn't you hear me?. i've made pancakes- come on down!"

in the kitchen, her mom questioned her

"what's going on with you?" she asked, " you didn't hear me call for breakfast, and from the sounds of things, you've been causing a wreck in your room... i could hear the noise from the kitchen!"

"oh, mom, that's mandy" hayley said. "mandy's just here for a little while, helping me with homework and stuff. she's totally harmless"

her mom said nothing for a while, and went back to making the pancakes.

after a lengthy silence, she turned back to hayley and asked if she was coming down for breakfast, too

"oh no, "hayley said, "mandy's all ready eaten today"

her mom said nothing, but her face wore a look that said something like, well, i never saw her come down to eat.

as if reading her mom's thoughts, hayley added "she's very anxious about people, she'll only come downstairs if it's totally quiet"

"so," the mom asked, "i'll never get to meet her, then?"

"oh," hayley said. "i'm sure i can figure something out"

after breakfast, hayley got up from her chair and started up the stairs
her mom called up to her, "hayley!. piano exam in an hour!. you don't want to be late for it!"

hayley yelled back, " i won't, mom. i promise. i just have to get my things together"

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