Life at Brittleton Hall

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Chapter 4: revenge is sweet.
(by emily, added on 8 November 2013 07:33 PM)

finally, the cop broke the silence

" it seems to me", he said, "angina is the main cause for concern here. "". he continued by explaining that he thought if angina held on to the baby, she'd do something that they would both regret.

"will you come with us to the station?" the cop said as he scowled at angina

" oh, officer" she laughed, "their's really no need.. we'll just return to the house, and you can forget this ever happened. how does that sound. "

the officer was having none of it, and persisted

finally, robbin, who had not said anything for a while asked, " and what about me?. do you need me to come to the station too?"

the officer thought for a moment, and then told him to drive back to the house with alicia. if he was needed, they can call him and he drive down later. he aded in a soft voice, " i'm sure you're probably tired, and alicia needs her rest, too. just go back to the house for now"

"as for you" he said, turning to angina, "you're coming with me. get out the car, on the double!"

when she refused for a second time, the officer got angry and retreated to his car for back up.

with the officers gone, angina thought about abandoning the car and running, but robbin was against the idea, he was determined to see angina get caught by the police.

anyway, it wouldn't take long for the cop to call back up, so what would be the point of trying to escape?. the distraction wasn't long enough

soon enough, the cop came back and to angina's relief, was frowning

"all my squad are busy. " he said, "their's been a major accident at 1 of the local night clubs, i'm needed up their. we need as many officers as possible up their"

he continued, " don't think you're off the hook. as soon as the accident up their's been sorted, you're coming with me. for now, just stay put. don't move, got it?"

they both nodded

with that, the cop got in his car, and drove away in the direction of the night club

angina sat their, staring off in to space. not even glancing at her husband

finally robbin asked, "well?. are you just going to sit their?. are you really going to be that easy to beat?"

"no, "said angina. "the night club is in an entirely diffrent direction to where i was planning to go with the kid. we could easily get back to the house, and not be noticed".

with those words, she started the car and drove back to briddelton hall.

however, apon ariving, she didn't leave the car. in sted, she urged robbin to get inside the house. she explained that she had a little errand, she had to complete with alicia

robbin asked her, "what are you doing?. you're not going to just hand yourself in?"

she replied, " oh no, i'm plotting a little something.... you'll know, soon enough"

robbin thought for a moment, and then asked... "you're not going to..... you know?"

angina nodded knowing exactly what he was thinking

"now," she said. "just wait for my call. just wait for instructions"

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