Life at Brittleton Hall

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Chapter 3: a daring move
(by emily, added on 8 November 2013 07:00 PM)

none of them slept that night, as a matter of fact, they didn't even go up to bed. they just sat in the kitchen, talking, and worrying.

eventually, angina asked robbin, " so, do you think the cops will actually come to our house?. you think the lady will call them?"

robbin shook his head, " no. not this time of night" he said. "she'll probably be getting to bed as we speak"

angina was not convinced however, and smiled an evil smile

"well," she said, " i think she will. and you know how we can outsmart them?"

robbin made a sign with his hands that she should be quiet, but she continued

"we need to get the baby out of the house. take her far away, then leave her their. they'll never find us if we're not here"

robbin just shook his head and stared blankly at the wall

but angina was all ready getting prepared for her plan. she rose from her chair, walked in to the lounge, picked up alicia who was crying and screaming, then walked back in to the kitchen

"okay, " she said, " are you ready?. are you ready to do this?. it's still dark... no one's going to catch us"

robbin looked out the window and the dark street outside and shook his head

" i'm not doing this", he said, "if you want to do it, you're on your own"

with that, angina kicked open the door, and stroed out of the house, alicia in her arms

robbin looked on, wondering what would become of his wife and child.

he figured he didn't have much of a choice. he grabbed his coat, and took off in to the cold night, intent on catching up to her.

she saw him coming and said, " i thought you wern't coming?"

he started to explain that he wanted to try and talk sense in to her, and make her rethink her course of action

soon, they reached angina's car. they clambered inside, angina driving, robbin in the passenger seat, and alicia thrown in the back

"so," asked robbin, " what are your plans now?"

angina thought for a moment, then started the engin and began to back away from the house. as she did so however, a flashing cop car pulled up beside them. 1 of the policemen got out, and knocked on their window

angina wound the window down to get a better view of the police officer who was obviously about to question them

"we've seen everything", he said, " you running with the kid, your husband chasing you out to your car, what's going on?"

angina just shrugged

"oh nothing", she said. "we're just off to the airport, actually. we're going on holiday for a few weeks. god we really need a break!"

the cop scowled "that's not what we heard earlier tonight. your naybour called us and told us about you. why are you lying?"

angina and robbin exchanged looks. so, she did call after all... now what?. they were trapped. they had been found out.

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