Life at Brittleton Hall

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Chapter 2: the first night
(by emily, added on 6 November 2012 11:06 PM)

coming out of the office, the midwife and the doctor go back to the ward.

"you're free to go," said the midwife. "do think about the baby though- she's sooo cute"

the now angry mom grabbed the kid, and stormed out the hospital and to the car, where robin was waiting for her.

"so," robin questioned, " you going to be a good mother to this kid?"

angina just shrugged and got in to the front seat of the car next to robbin.

"well," she said, " it's getting late. guess she'll stay with us tonight and tomorrow we'll think of something"

robbin smiled... " ah", he said " i think you're coming round to the idea of a kid, huh".

when they arived home the house was dark and cold.

angina threw the kid down on the bare sofa in the lounge, while she and robbin went to eat. it had been a long day for both, and by now both parents were starving.

meanwhile alicia was crying her eyes out and shivering. but no matter how much attention she tried to draw to herself, their was no sign of the adults

the evening passed slowly, until it was eventually time for robbin and angina to turn in for the night

"where will alicia sleep?" robbin asked, " we're not prepared for looking after a kid"

"oh," said angina, " i dunno... she can just sleep on the sofa for now"

robbin scowled, and was about to say something about alicia freezing to death when the doorbell rang.

"who is it?" an angry angina shouted as she opened the front door

it was the lady from next door, who had overheard everything... the crying, the conversation, everything.

"i've called the cops," she said " you really can't treat a young child this way"

before any words could be said, the lady had left and the door had been closed.

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