Life at Brittleton Hall

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Chapter 1: Alecia Murdie Is Born
(by Lindsay Cowell, added on 15 February 2009 11:47 AM)

“You have a little girl, 10lb5oz, she’s very healthy. What are you going to call her?” Maureen Murdie looked at the child.
“I didn’t want her … but I suppose I’ll have to name her something, Alecia.”
“What a lovely name, Alecia Murdie, I like it.” The midwife smiled again on Alecia’s Mother. “How do you feel?”
“Sick, actually, I … don’t … want … this … baby.” The midwife scowled and prepared to leave the room.
“That’s your decision.”
“I know it is.”
“When will your husband be here, maybe he can talk some sense into you?”
“OH … Robin? He feels the same way.” The midwife left the room in disgust. In the corridor she found Dr Mike James. “Dr, May I have a word?”
“Of course, Kallicia, come into my office.” The Dr turned and began walking quickly down the corridor. He turned left and entered his office.
“Sit down, sit down. What can I do for you?”
“It’s about Angina and Robin Murdie, apparently they don’t want their baby.” Kallicia began sobbing hysterically into her handkerchief. “And she’s such a pretty thing too.”
“Kallicia Maertinez, you’re too soft. It isn’t up to us what they do with their baby.”
“They won’t kill her, will they?”
“No, of course not, silly goose, they’ll just give her up for adoption.”
“Oh, right.”

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