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Chapter 1: Alecia Murdie Is Born
(by Lindsay Cowell, added on 15 February 2009 11:47 AM)

“You have a little girl, 10lb5oz, she’s very healthy. What are you going to call her?” Maureen Murdie looked at the child.
“I didn’t want her … but I suppose I’ll have to name her something, Alecia.”
“What a lovely name, Alecia Murdie, I like it.” The midwife smiled again on Alecia’s Mother. “How do you feel?”
“Sick, actually, I … don’t … want … this … baby.” The midwife scowled and prepared to leave the room.
“That’s your decision.”
“I know it is.”
“When will your husband be here, maybe he can talk some sense into you?”
“OH … Robin? He feels the same way.” The midwife left the room in disgust. In the corridor she found Dr Mike James. “Dr, May I have a word?”
“Of course, Kallicia, come into my office.” The Dr turned and began walking quickly down the corridor. He turned left and entered his office.
“Sit down, sit down. What can I do for you?”
“It’s about Angina and Robin Murdie, apparently they don’t want their baby.” Kallicia began sobbing hysterically into her handkerchief. “And she’s such a pretty thing too.”
“Kallicia Maertinez, you’re too soft. It isn’t up to us what they do with their baby.”
“They won’t kill her, will they?”
“No, of course not, silly goose, they’ll just give her up for adoption.”
“Oh, right.”

Chapter 2: the first night
(by emily, added on 6 November 2012 11:06 PM)

coming out of the office, the midwife and the doctor go back to the ward.

"you're free to go," said the midwife. "do think about the baby though- she's sooo cute"

the now angry mom grabbed the kid, and stormed out the hospital and to the car, where robin was waiting for her.

"so," robin questioned, " you going to be a good mother to this kid?"

angina just shrugged and got in to the front seat of the car next to robbin.

"well," she said, " it's getting late. guess she'll stay with us tonight and tomorrow we'll think of something"

robbin smiled... " ah", he said " i think you're coming round to the idea of a kid, huh".

when they arived home the house was dark and cold.

angina threw the kid down on the bare sofa in the lounge, while she and robbin went to eat. it had been a long day for both, and by now both parents were starving.

meanwhile alicia was crying her eyes out and shivering. but no matter how much attention she tried to draw to herself, their was no sign of the adults

the evening passed slowly, until it was eventually time for robbin and angina to turn in for the night

"where will alicia sleep?" robbin asked, " we're not prepared for looking after a kid"

"oh," said angina, " i dunno... she can just sleep on the sofa for now"

robbin scowled, and was about to say something about alicia freezing to death when the doorbell rang.

"who is it?" an angry angina shouted as she opened the front door

it was the lady from next door, who had overheard everything... the crying, the conversation, everything.

"i've called the cops," she said " you really can't treat a young child this way"

before any words could be said, the lady had left and the door had been closed.

Chapter 3: a daring move
(by emily, added on 8 November 2013 07:00 PM)

none of them slept that night, as a matter of fact, they didn't even go up to bed. they just sat in the kitchen, talking, and worrying.

eventually, angina asked robbin, " so, do you think the cops will actually come to our house?. you think the lady will call them?"

robbin shook his head, " no. not this time of night" he said. "she'll probably be getting to bed as we speak"

angina was not convinced however, and smiled an evil smile

"well," she said, " i think she will. and you know how we can outsmart them?"

robbin made a sign with his hands that she should be quiet, but she continued

"we need to get the baby out of the house. take her far away, then leave her their. they'll never find us if we're not here"

robbin just shook his head and stared blankly at the wall

but angina was all ready getting prepared for her plan. she rose from her chair, walked in to the lounge, picked up alicia who was crying and screaming, then walked back in to the kitchen

"okay, " she said, " are you ready?. are you ready to do this?. it's still dark... no one's going to catch us"

robbin looked out the window and the dark street outside and shook his head

" i'm not doing this", he said, "if you want to do it, you're on your own"

with that, angina kicked open the door, and stroed out of the house, alicia in her arms

robbin looked on, wondering what would become of his wife and child.

he figured he didn't have much of a choice. he grabbed his coat, and took off in to the cold night, intent on catching up to her.

she saw him coming and said, " i thought you wern't coming?"

he started to explain that he wanted to try and talk sense in to her, and make her rethink her course of action

soon, they reached angina's car. they clambered inside, angina driving, robbin in the passenger seat, and alicia thrown in the back

"so," asked robbin, " what are your plans now?"

angina thought for a moment, then started the engin and began to back away from the house. as she did so however, a flashing cop car pulled up beside them. 1 of the policemen got out, and knocked on their window

angina wound the window down to get a better view of the police officer who was obviously about to question them

"we've seen everything", he said, " you running with the kid, your husband chasing you out to your car, what's going on?"

angina just shrugged

"oh nothing", she said. "we're just off to the airport, actually. we're going on holiday for a few weeks. god we really need a break!"

the cop scowled "that's not what we heard earlier tonight. your naybour called us and told us about you. why are you lying?"

angina and robbin exchanged looks. so, she did call after all... now what?. they were trapped. they had been found out.

Chapter 4: revenge is sweet.
(by emily, added on 8 November 2013 07:33 PM)

finally, the cop broke the silence

" it seems to me", he said, "angina is the main cause for concern here. "". he continued by explaining that he thought if angina held on to the baby, she'd do something that they would both regret.

"will you come with us to the station?" the cop said as he scowled at angina

" oh, officer" she laughed, "their's really no need.. we'll just return to the house, and you can forget this ever happened. how does that sound. "

the officer was having none of it, and persisted

finally, robbin, who had not said anything for a while asked, " and what about me?. do you need me to come to the station too?"

the officer thought for a moment, and then told him to drive back to the house with alicia. if he was needed, they can call him and he drive down later. he aded in a soft voice, " i'm sure you're probably tired, and alicia needs her rest, too. just go back to the house for now"

"as for you" he said, turning to angina, "you're coming with me. get out the car, on the double!"

when she refused for a second time, the officer got angry and retreated to his car for back up.

with the officers gone, angina thought about abandoning the car and running, but robbin was against the idea, he was determined to see angina get caught by the police.

anyway, it wouldn't take long for the cop to call back up, so what would be the point of trying to escape?. the distraction wasn't long enough

soon enough, the cop came back and to angina's relief, was frowning

"all my squad are busy. " he said, "their's been a major accident at 1 of the local night clubs, i'm needed up their. we need as many officers as possible up their"

he continued, " don't think you're off the hook. as soon as the accident up their's been sorted, you're coming with me. for now, just stay put. don't move, got it?"

they both nodded

with that, the cop got in his car, and drove away in the direction of the night club

angina sat their, staring off in to space. not even glancing at her husband

finally robbin asked, "well?. are you just going to sit their?. are you really going to be that easy to beat?"

"no, "said angina. "the night club is in an entirely diffrent direction to where i was planning to go with the kid. we could easily get back to the house, and not be noticed".

with those words, she started the car and drove back to briddelton hall.

however, apon ariving, she didn't leave the car. in sted, she urged robbin to get inside the house. she explained that she had a little errand, she had to complete with alicia

robbin asked her, "what are you doing?. you're not going to just hand yourself in?"

she replied, " oh no, i'm plotting a little something.... you'll know, soon enough"

robbin thought for a moment, and then asked... "you're not going to..... you know?"

angina nodded knowing exactly what he was thinking

"now," she said. "just wait for my call. just wait for instructions"

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